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Tuesday Travels – A Tale of Two Halves of a City

When anyone asks me where I grew up I automatically say Leeds and while that is true lately it seems a different reality.  I grew up on the outskirt of Leeds in a mining village back in the days when they still existed.  The bus journey when I was a teenager from home to the centre of the city took 55 minutes and was only undertaken on a saturday if I was lucky enough to be allowed.  I didn’t take a whole lot of photos today as it was my grans birthday and my brothers fiancee and their two boys were with us but I managed to snap off a few round the city centre as well as a few over where I grew up a few are the same shot with different effects imposed on them.  I would write more but it was so hot today I am shattered but I had a wonderful day so enjoy the pics. ps watch carefully you will catch me and a big thankyou to Tracie Louise as when I got home my card had arrived yay!!!!!!!!!!!

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4 thoughts on “Tuesday Travels – A Tale of Two Halves of a City

  1. I haven’t been to Leeds yet, but we have a friend there I want to visit. Great photos! Glad you had fun and I hope you recover from the heat. I’m just glad it isn’t as humid as it gets in Boston. I can handle heat–not my favorite temp, but I can handle it. I hate humidity.


  2. Is this the garden centre you went to with your gran? Lovely! 🙂 Coming from the vicinity of Leeds, I’ll bet you’ve got a great accent, Paula! 🙂

    This is a great post – so cool to see these photos and great to get a chance to see where you’re from. 🙂


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