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Book Review – The Wintersmith by Terry Pratchett

I bought this book sometime ago but unlike most of  Terry Pratchett purchases it sat unread.  The reason you may ask? Well the truth is this on one of those that although being set in the Discworld is not actually part of the Discworld series.  The Wintersmith is aimed at younger readers an introduction if you will to the series.

I have to admit the satire of the series has been softened slightly in the attempt to make it more accessible to younger readers but not by much I am glad to say.  The fact the heroine of the book is a teenage witch named Tiffany Aching may certainly help in getting younger teenage girls to pick it up but thankfully it features enough of Prachett’s tradmark humour to keep older readers amused as well.

An appearance from two of my favourites characters in the guise of Nanny Ogg and Granny Weatherwax certainly help to tie it in a little more to the main series.  And the Wee Free Neegles are amusing and will appeal to younger male readers.

The plot is basically the entire story so spoiler alert if you don’t want to know go away now…


The plot is about the traditions of summer and winter, the dance which takes place between the Wintersmith and the Lady Summertime each year.  Pratchett invents a parellel for the May dance to welcome summer by having a darker version to welcome winter and into this dance our heroine stumbles unaware of the chaos that she is about to bring about.   The wintersmith becomes enamoured with the young witch who interrupts the dance and pursues her in the wish make her his own.

As with all Pratchett Discworld  books the story flies along at a terrific pace with plots, subplots and various intrigues along the way.  Because it is aimed at younger readers they are less complex than in some other books, I would actually recommend the books aimed at this market for new readers to Terry Prachett as a way of easing you in gently.

Okay scores on the doors as a YA novel 5/5 as part of the discworld 4/5 so I guess that give it an average of 4.5/5 I understand the idea of books to introduce younger readers I just think they are more than capable of diving straight in as long as the first book they pick has a character in they would love.


10 thoughts on “Book Review – The Wintersmith by Terry Pratchett

    1. hmm not sure I think that most people are more than capable of diving straight in so I would suggest that to get the full effect of the series start with The colour of magic


  1. I have never made it the whole way through a TP text. My man is obsessed with Pratchett. In his honour I have listened to ‘Mort’ on CD but can remember very little of it. I have also read about 9/10 of ‘Monstrous Regiment’… I will pick it up again, I promise. I don’t know what it is, I mean I get that he’s funny. He’s just, perhaps, not my cup of tea… I don’t know! I should try harder – I just hate feeling pressurised!

    Good post, Paula. 🙂


    1. hmm the one you have picked up is probably not the best one to read as a first book as it assumes you have quite a bit of knowledge about some of the characters If your other half has it either start with the first one Colour of Magic or Read Wyrd Sisters they are probably better books for getting into it. first time I ever tried I put it down and couldn’t get into it then I tried a different book and was hooked and when I read the first one again it made far more sense


  2. Wintersmith is actually the third book in the Tiffany Aching series, which Sir Terry says is definitely in the Discworld series. It just happens to deal with a different set of characters. The first is The Wee Free Men.


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