Tag and Sisterhood Award

Okay first the lovely Ralfast at Neither Here Nor There gave me the choice of two awards and as I had neither I picked this one.

As always there are rules…

Thank and link back to the person who nominated you

Tell 7 things about yourself

And nominate some people

Well instead of telling you some things I have been tagged by the very talented Virginia over at Poeta Officium so I am going to answer her questions as a way of getting round having to think new things up lol

1/ If you could change your name, what would you change it to and why?

Hmmm it would be something a little more elegant maybe Isabella or Charlotte I do quite like Ekaterina all far more feminine than the name I have

2/ Name 3 things you couldn’t live without (not people or animals)

Do cigs count? No? not even while editing? Okay then my books I know I should clear out some make space let someone else enjoy them but I can’t do it

3/ Which do you prefer – beach or forest? Why?

When I was younger I would have said beach but now there is something which inspires and relaxes me sitting amongst the foliage so give me a forest everyday

4/ Do you have a ‘I need to do this by the time I am ……‘ age? Which one is it?

I did but I went past it lol it was 40 which I passed last year now it is just before I die

5/ Laptop or desktop? Which one do you prefer?

Laptop although at times desktop would be more useful especially as it would force me away from everyone t do some work

6/ Are you still friends with your best friend from childhood?

Which one lol I moved at 16 to a different area and lost touch with all my old friends but thanks to the joys of FB I am back in touch with quite a few of my childhood and school friends.

7/ If you could critique any book, which one would it be? Why?

Tough question I mean really we could all critique any book on our blogs but if I answer it as which book would I love to critique but feel unworthy it would be Great Expectations by Charles Dickens I just love the story and there are so many fascinating elements, poverty, social politics as well as the actual characters themselves one could write en entire thesis on the sexual politics of Mrs Haversham and Estella

8/ Was your first love worth it?

Gut reaction hell no but he did teach me very early in lilfe trust no one.

9/ Where in the world do you feel most at home?

Any where out in the open lol i am one of those people who can feel at home anywhere but do feel constrained by other people walls

10/ Do you talk with your hands (ie do you gesture wildly when you talk?)

Not really the only time I notice myself do it is when I am really angry

11/ How well do you know the history of your country of birth?

Not as well as I should I love ancient history but anything more recent than the industrial revolution my eyes glaze over

Now I need to give my victims some questions…

1) Which book adaptation has disappointed you the most and why?

2) What would your desert island disc song be?

3) If you could be related to any famous person from history who and why?

4) What was your favourite lesson at school and why?

5) If you won the lottery (or sold film rights to your novel) and money was no object what totally frivilous item would you buy?

6) What would your dream house be, cottage or castle?

7) When was the last time you were scared watching tv and what was on?

8) What would you have inscribed on your headstone?

9) If you had to appear on a reality tv show which would you go on?

10) Which place you have visited has disappointed you most?

11) If you were murdered which fictional detective would you want to investigate your death?

Now who shall I pick on


C. B. Wentworth




I was going to add more but my rugby team just got their butts kicked so I don’t feel like it sorry but if you want to answer the questions anyway go for it


23 comments on “Tag and Sisterhood Award

  1. Loved your answers Paula and I especially love your no.11 question – cracked me right up! My answer to that one would be Castle and Beckett – I know Castle isnt a ‘detective’ but he’s brilliant 🙂


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