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Weekly Round Up #5

As followers of my blog will know I got slightly sidelined this week over the Lennox issue, and while it is tempting to let you know over every campaign and petition out there that is not what this blog is about.  This blog was set up  to share my writing journey and this week it has been quite some journey I have learnt writing poetry while upset is not good for me it takes me to a dark place where I have no wish to travel at this time.  I have learnt how to force my mind to focus on the task at hand and avoid distractions ie turn the internet off while writing and do not turn it back on to check frequently.  And most importantly I have learnt the value of fresh eyes when editing I want to especially thank my fb friend Susan and Heidi for patiently reading through my edited chapters and picking up on all my typo’s and pointing out where something didn’t quite read right to them.  We have had some fun translating english/american spelling differences but we are getting there understanding each others spellings lol.  So lets see how I did on the tasks for this week…


1) The novel is divided into three parts so this week I want to edit part one

Nearly but not quite but as I completed 8 out of 27 chapters it is nearly a third so I can live with that

2) The usual promise of a book review, a poem and a flash fiction

Delivered all three this week yay! Reviewed Third War, wrote a poem from a characters point of view here and posted a flash fiction even if it was an old one here

3) Write up two pieces of flash into the note book

I actually managed to write up three so quite pleased with that

4) Start working on synopsis of novel for submission

Well mentally I started thinking about it does that count?

5) Fit some reading in I have so many books waiting to be read and ones waiting where I promised reviews I need to make more of an effort

Not done too well on the reading if it was a school report would ‘say must try harder’


So now some tasks for this week

1) Edit to end of part to of WIP

2) Usual regular posts of book review, flash fiction and poem

3) Catch up on reading blogs again have fallen behind this week

4) Do some reading I will try harder this week lol

5) Start writing the synopsis and thinking about the letter I need to send aswell about why I deserve the bursary.

I have a couple of posts to reply to tomorrow one award and another set of tag questions to answer so at least that is a blog or two taken care of lol I am still debating joining the austen in August reading challenge I need to think about what books I can read for that if I do or maybe I am just looking for an excuse to read Pride & Prejudice again while the TBR pile is still growing

How has your week been?

8 thoughts on “Weekly Round Up #5

  1. Slow. Finished first edits on my short story, packed for my trip, repacked for my trip, and vegged. I liked it.


  2. I feel like a slouch compared to you!
    But I am reading Austen in August, I just can’t decide which one!
    I also said I’d participate in a give-away of my book, but I have no idea how to do that…???


    1. hmm if paper copy you need to work out where you would be willing to post to first and costs then either get people to post on WP or FB and draw name out of hat and email for address but I know a lot of give aways prefer to only send within their own country


      1. It is a paper copy and I’ll send it anywhere… So they can just send me a message they’re interested and I can pull a name out of a hat. That sounds easy enough. Thanks!
        Now I just need to decide which book to read…


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