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Book Review – First War by M.S. Fowle

Before I start this post  just have to say it is with a heavy heart I sit at the computer today.  Shortly after the deadline for appeals at midnight last night Lennox was executed by the heartless officials hiding behind desks at the BCC we can only hope now that justice will be served and those whose lies led to his murder will be held accountable.  I strongly believe in karma and know that Lennox has gone to a place where human arrogance can no longer cause him suffering.

Okay on with the book review…

First War by M.S. Fowle is the third installment of the First Series you can read reviews for Book one First Night and Book Two First Blood by clicking on the titles.  You can also read an interview with the author here or check out her page here.

A year has passed since the end of the last book Alex has regrouped and now has a new band of followers in her fight against the chimera.  I find these book reviews hard because there is so much I want to say but I don’t want to spoil it for those who have yet to read it.  With each installment of this series Fowle improves her characters are complex bringing out a huge range of emotions.  The story picks you up carrying you along on a rollercoaster to the point I was so engrossed reading it on the bus I missed my stop. The series develops with each new installment new plot twists unravel as Odin strive to perfect the Chimera’s design.

If one wished to read these on a deeper level the experiments and genetic modifications Odin aspires to questions our own society.  Crops are now routinely genetically modified and more and more research is being done on dna manipulation.  Is it really such a stretch of imagination to wonder whether military scientists around the world are not performing comparible experiments.  They may not have first dna to throw in the mix but there are plenty of conspiracy theories out there about different drugs tested in the past on members of various armed forces.  The First are spposed to be the monsters, the ones we humans had to create another types of monster to slay but who is truly the more monsterous?

I have to point out that one part in particular if you are a little like me and shed a few tears at well written scenes of loss keep your tissues at the ready.  I was sat on the bus sniffing with a tear rolling down my cheek receiving concerned looks from the old lady sat next to me!!!!! Yes I do hold you accountable for that Mel!!

As I have often complained before my only issue with M.S. Fowles work is the length you are always left wanting more.  I know the fourth installment is in the process of being written and she has hinted at four parts but I really hope this is not the case as it is a series I do not want to see end.  I am still frustrated that the main characters have not worked out their feelings for each other you want to reach into the pages and bang their heads together.  And as for Drew well there is onl one word to describe him SLEAZEBALL!! I am still convinced there is a spy amongst them and my money is on the sleazy guy.

Yet another of Fowles books that gets a well deserved 5 stars.

18 thoughts on “Book Review – First War by M.S. Fowle

  1. NOOO – not reading… Havn’t read the third yet… Only Night and Blood….

    So I’ll like the post in recognition of chimera hunters, but not read it… Unless you tell me there are no spoilers….


  2. You rock, Paula! Thanks for the awesome review, the RTs, the recommendation of Nora’s Sun (which is FOREVER FREE on Smashwords, btw), and I can’t wait to see you in a First Shirt!
    But I’m still not sorry I made you cry. 😛 And I mean that in the nicest, non-narcissistic way possible.


    1. Lennox is the dog seized under BSL laws that i talked about a couple of days ago here it has been a very sad day for animal lovers here in the UK and it looks to get worse as the Belfast County Council are determined to inflict more pain for his family they will not return his body now they will not even give the little girl who owned him his collar back as a keepsake


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