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I was feeling a little under the weather yesterday so I decided rather than sitting at the computer last night to sort out the notebooks as I listed on my weekly round up.  I got the poetry one all done and up to date the flash one well that may take a little longer mainly reading my own writing lol.  But I also found a few things I wrote a few years ago as part of my Access course for entry to University.  Now given yesterday was 4th of July and I know a lot of my US friends will have had more than a few beers yesterday I hope this does not resonate with anyone.  The prompt we were give was a car accident…

Liquid rubies drop to the pavement

From the tiara on your brow

As you stumble to the ground

Eyes unseeing stare ahead

In a hurry going nowhere

To be the fastest set of wheels

Too much horse power to control

You never stood a chance

Blue flashing lights illuminate

The people gathered round

As each breath gets shallower

And your life force ebbs away

Like the turning of the tide

He gets up and walks away

The innocent, the victim, the unicorn

is slain

The one who did the killing

He will drive another day

I also found a couple of short stories that I quite like the idea of reworking at some point.

11 thoughts on “Crash

  1. A very productive evening for you, Paula! Thank you for sharing your poetry. It was very visual, nice word choice. 🙂

    I suppose I’d better stop being lazy and go and get something done… you know, like clean the house!


    1. Lately it has been as if something in my head has clicked and said okay come on you want this you are going to have to work at it if I fail I don’t want it to be because I didn’t put my all into it. If I fail because I am not good enough I will put my hands up and say okay but I don’t want to look back and say I wish…


    1. Thank you found a couple of short stories I wrote as well I had forgotten all about I guess that is the bonus of sorting the notebooks all sorts of odd lines and ideas that have been overlooked


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