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Flash Fiction; Interfacing

“So there was like this princess and she was checkin’ out this tower and there was this old bag there who were doing some spinnin’ stuff.  An she asked if she could ‘ave a go and the bag said yeah so she did and pricked ‘erself on somefin and fell down on floor.”

The teacher raised her hand and stopped the girl before she could continue.   It was only Monday morning and her head hurt already.  When she had set the home work she thought it was simple. Summarise a book you have read recently to create a short blurb for it.  She had spent the last lesson explaining what a blurb was.  The class had refused to believe her when she told them books used to be printed on paper with brightly coloured covers and a few brief lines telling them about the book.  She had shown them images from the National Museum of the few remaining books which they held in cryogenically sealed exhibit cases.

As she looked at the bank of screens she wondered how teachers of the past had ever survived with a room full of disinterested children sat before them at least she could mute them when they became disruptive.  They all had access to the Approved Standard Text Database yet not one had bothered to access each student had summarised one of the dozen Approved PreEductional Texts.  A screen flashed indictating a pupil had a question she clicked the link.

“Proceed with enquiry”

“Miss is it true that there were once thousands of books.  That they talked about Tabboo’s”

“Yes there were once millions of books, everyone read different things, in different languages..” Another screen flashed “Yes what is your enquiry?”

“Miss what were languages?”

She wondered what was taught in the history module that her pupils always seems so ignorant of everything, “Languages were different versions of speech it became aware the different regions speaking with these languages led to misinterptations therefore all language was designated to be replaced so that we all speak as we do now.  Returning to the original enquiry yes these books did contain many Tabboo’s which is why all texts were analysed and only those deemed appropriate and non threatening were submitted to the database.  All other texts were deleted to prevent disharmony within our society.  People would read any book they chose regardless of whether they had the appropriate instruction to assimilate the information this lead to dismarmony therefore was deemed dangerous and dealt with. The time for this session is now completed please download your assignment information and log in next week.”

She hit the button closing the screen and leant back in her chair.  She reached forward and grasped a sheaf of printout from the desk.  To be caught with this would mean disposal but she could not resist the forbidden fruits as she began to read.  It was the best of times it was the worst of times…..

10 thoughts on “Flash Fiction; Interfacing

      1. I only read it for my college seminar class or I wouldn’t know it either. If was actually quite good if you can get pass the first few pages.


  1. As a Science Fiction fan, Your photo stopped me. In it there is something similar to which I am used to admire when reading the world’s biggest space opera in French. Every cover is an art piece itself.


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