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Book Review; First Blood by M.S. Fowle

4 months have passed since Alex hit the road.  Now surrounded by new team members they once again join forces with the First.  The novel picks up the story at the same fast paced tempo at which First Night.  The chimera swarms have increased leaving death and destruction in their wake. This novel is one of loss and discovery all of which rock the lives of the young woman fighting to save humanity and wiped out the men behind the engineered beasts which have taken away so much she holds dear.  Her relationship with the enigmatic First leader Zeke continues to develop as they fight side by side an alliance of human and vampire but she struggles to keep her feeling for him in check as her life falls apart around her. If you have not read it stop now the next part contains spoilers…..

The story has some very interesting plot twists throughout.  at the end of the last novel we learnt the secret of Alex’s family and her sinister uncle who is the brains behind the Chimera’s existance.  We mourned with Alex when she told of her sisters fate yet now new evidence shows that her grief was premature though given the fate her sister has been dealt death may have been preferable.  We also watch as young Alex has more grief to overcome as members of her team are slaughtered.  We meet the mysterious Yale who we learn has been pulling the strings to direct them in their journeys across the country wiping out the enemy.  However this is also when things start to go horribly wrong.  My own personal opinion there is a spy in the camp and if I were to be ultra picky at thos point I might suggest that this might have occured to Alex as well but the girl is still in grief and has other things on her mind.  Which brings me to her relationship with Zeke.  The sexual tension between these two is a palpable you could cut it with a blade.  Zeke is at the disadvantage despite his immense age to comprehend exactly what these feeling are that plague Alex, could it be her blood flowing through his veins which explains these strange feelings he is having towards her?  I understand resisting falling into thenormal genre conventions which would have meant they had jumped on each other before the end of the first book in the series but seriously the electricity flowing between these two is so highly charged now any spark within a hundred miles could spark an explosion that would wipe out the state.  And more importantly you get the feeling if they do not address their feelings the distraction could cost one or both of them their lives.  I gave this book 5 out of 5 on goodreads and cannot wait to get stuck into the third instalment which she is giving away free this weekend.  I really love these books if you wish the read the interview with the author I published after the review for First Night click here to wander over and check out her blog for yourself click here

Now on a personal note Mel I have read and reviewed both books please can I have the golden key for the secret sanctum I have an appointment there with the Easyondeyes girls to gang up on discuss with  you about Alex and Zeke getting it on .

7 thoughts on “Book Review; First Blood by M.S. Fowle

  1. It figures you posted this as soon as I got to work, and then my stupid smartphone wouldn’t let me comment on it.
    I’m so glad you liked it and I will be sending you the password to The First Sermo… just as soon as I “edit” some comments about Book Three. I’m sure easyondeyes won’t mind. And then you all can “gang up on” me, or at least try to… I will reveal nothing about Book Four 😛


    1. Hahahahah! Nice review Paula. I’m sure Mel is already aware of what is going to happen – lets pick up our swords and chargeeee (Btw, did you get your password yet? 😉 ) See you there!


      1. just posted first comment she has banned discussion of alex and zeke until I read book three but no fear i just downloaded it hehehe 😉


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