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Time to Play Tag

The lovely Ms Katykins caught me unawares and slapped me in the middle of the back screaming tag.   Now of course this means I must run round like a lunatic baring yet more of my soul open to you before passing on the tag with a few probings of my own.

First up… The rules for playing blog tag.

You must post the rules
Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post
Create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged
Tag (eleven) people with a link to your post
Let them know they’ve been tagged

So rules posted lets see what Me Katykins has lined up for me…

1. What is your favourite ice-cream flavour and why?

Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough why is a little harder…because I like it best lol or maybe because you really have to eat Ben & Jerrys Ice-cream in one sitting if you put it open in the freezer it gets ice crystals in it so it gives me a reason to be greedy and pig the lot 🙂

2. Do blondes really have more fun?

Well given I am blonde at the minute I should say yes but I think I had the most fun as a red head but that could just have been the age I was at the time hehehe

3. What is the weirdest dream that you remembering having? (I’m talking sleepy dream here.)

Hmmm I don’t usually remember a lot of my dreams more just vague flashes, I once had a rather raunch dream about my other half which half way through I realised he was watching throuh the window and I was having sex with the devil if that counts

4. Did you grow to become/do what you always dreamed of as a child? If not, why not?

I wanted to be a ballerina but then I discovered ballerina’s dont have curves and genetically I was fighting a losing battle from the start

5. What is the most annoying fad that you’ve ever succumbed to?

I guess it would be more fashions than fads, thankfully not many photos exist of me from the 80’s or I would never stop cringing.

6. If you could steal someone’s identity for a day, who would you be and what you would you do as them?

Anne Rice, she has just announced she has finished writing a new novel so I would go read the manuscript so I could taunt friends that I knew what it was (pretty sad really lol)

7. Where would you most and least like to visit in the world?

I would love to visit Pompeii while it still exists, I would least like to visit either of the Poles don’t get me wrong I would love to see them its just I am allergic to the cold.

8. What, in your opinion, is one of the best/most useful inventions ever and why?

Has to be the internet otherwise I would never have got to meet so many new people across the globe

9. If you could be any other species, what would you hope to be?

A lizard, as I mentioned I do not do cold so to be a lizard and spend my time laying on a heat mat with a heat lamp over me and dinner served up sounds bliss

10. If you could see one music act dead or alive, back stage, first class treatment, who would it be and where and why?

Hmm well I would love to relive the Duran Duran concert in Birmingham last year with back stage, first class treatment but if I have to pick one i didn’t go to it would have been Oasis live at Knebworth a few years ago I had friends that went and came back and told me how awesome it was a once in a lifetime experience.

11. Do you have any superstitions?

Not really.  I don’t walk under ladders but that is more common sense.

Now eleven questions for my victims…

1) If you could have any animal as a pet what would it be and why?

2) You can have a star named after you what would call it and why?

3) What was your favourite childhood toy?

4) What was your nickname at school and how did you get it?

5) You can go on a dinner date with anyone from past or present who do you take and why?

6) What is the most embarrassing chat up line you have either used or had used on you?

7) Who would you want to play you in a film of your life story?

8) Someone wants to create a cocktail for you what do you call it and what are the three main ingredients?

9) What guilty pleasure tv show do you indulge in?

10) Would you have plastic surgery if so what would you change?

11) Who was your teenage crush?

Now for 11 people to tag…

1) kyle mew

2) M.S. Fowle


4) The View Outside

5) Adam Ickes

6) Help Me Rhonda


8) Christopher De Voss

9) brainsnorts inc >.<

10) onlinedatingjournal

11) Hunter’s Writing

Now I do know a couple of you don’t do awards but I hope even if you dont do the tag bit you would still answer the questions even if you do it here in comments instead of a post hehehehe yup I am just that nosy lol

11 thoughts on “Time to Play Tag

  1. too funny! 🙂 I wholeheartedly agree with your taste in ice cream, btw. I’ve been the the B&J factory in Vermont like 5 times – the smell alone is worth it!

    And thanks for the tag, Paula! I hope I can get to it sometime next week. 😛


  2. 1) i don’t like the idea of keeping pets but there is a cat that hangs around here and that i feed. she doesn’t see herself as a pet and i like that. so i guess it would be her.
    2) mewtopia maybe?
    3) my favourite childhood toy was my action man i think. he took quite a battering and only had one leg in the end – my favourite adulthood toy would have to be that riding crop paula, especially in your hands.
    4) i didn’t have a nickname at school, in the army it was grotty, i don’t remember why
    5) oh, easy. mae west, clever beautiful and probably a little bit kinky. second choice would be bettie page
    6) tricky, i really can’t remember lol
    7) johny depp, not because he looks like me but because i’d like to meet him
    8) i’m not one for fancy drinks. does vodka count as a cocktail?
    9) dr who
    10) i’d have a magnet placed in the bridge of my nose so i could wear glasses without arms
    11) siouxsie sioux


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