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Inside The Machine

Today I was back inside the MRI machine for those who have never experienced this it is a little like being in your coffin alive but noiser.  I have become quite used to the scans by now infact I find them quite relaxing most of the time if it wasn’t so noisy I might even fall asleep in there although that could be the amount of painkillers required for me to be able to lie still in one position that long.  Today while laying there I got the idea for a few lines for a poem so I thought I would share.

Clinical white,

Sterile steel,

Self induced paralysis.

Eyes closed.

On the move.

Eyes open

Waiting, anticipating

Rapid gunfire,

Floods the senses.

Throbbing, pulsating

Invading every fibre.

Silence, ceasefire

Movement by degrees.

Mind wanders

Panic, confusion, fear.

Breathe, concentrate

Freeze your body

Resist nature

Obey technology

Close your eyes



Out again.

Out of curiousity I looked online to see what they were seeing and found this image which is pretty similar to how my spine looks, okay its actually healthier than how mine looks but hell I can still dream

10 thoughts on “Inside The Machine

    1. Have had one surgery the disc between L4 – L5 has actually been removed on me, I was waiting on a partial fusion where the bolt the two discs together however my last xrays showed damage to the discs above and below so it may be a case of managing the pain until the whole lot collapses then having the whole section fused together. Compared to how I was four years ago am 90 percent better but dream of a day when I can plan ahead again and be sure my back wont let me down


  1. Fantastic description of what an MRI is like. The thoughts that race through your head and the suspended sense of panic the noise of it all creates. I hope one day you reach your dream of being pain free.


  2. Oh, the MRI machine is just painful. I had to get a scan done in Feb for my slip disc, and I wish somebody had warned me it was going to be noisy. Having seen these machines on the TV and in movies, I thought I am just going to have a peaceful sleep for 30mins. Mistaken, I was. Get well soon, Paula! Wishing you a speedy recovery.

    — Sapna


  3. P…been there done that and you’ve captured it to a tee! Only think missing for me is the need to pee. never fails!
    Also…sending mighty powerful thoughts your way…strength to get through those days my friend.


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