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Book Review – The Hunter Inside by David McGowan

A fast paced thriller with a twist.  This book will drag you along with the characters at break neck speed towards a climax which will decide not only the fate of the characters but the fate of mankind.  The main character Sandy Myers is a strong woman who will face her fears to protect her family.  The reader is taken on her journey from victim to heroine in ways the reader can not anticipate.  A real page turner that is a wrench to put down.

Be warned the next part contains spoilers so if you haven’t read the book yet stop..go get it…read it..then come back!

At first you may be forgiven for thinking this is your standard police procedural thriller but you would be wrong.  The hunter in this case is not of this world.  The beast stalks it’s pray with fervour and an unrelenting desire not only to kill but to evoke the fear which it feds upon.  The hunter does not simply kill its victims it consumes them using their knowledge in its quest to become stronger.

At first it appears the victims have nothing in common yet as the story develops it becomes apparent they all share one thing, their parents shared their fate.   The hunter feeds on generations of victims with the fear it creates its strength grows.

The characters are well written that is not the same as saying you will like them.  Special Agent O’Neill is the old style law enforcement agent whose treatment of one of the victims who seeks help leaves you feeling hostile towards him.  But I have to say this guy grew on me, his vulnerability at being placed in a situation so far beyond his comfort zone, his willingness to accept help from scources his nature would have told him to shun combine with great writing to bring the complexities of human nature to the fore.  The main female character Sandy Myers is wonderful, as a mother I identified with her determination to protect her family no matter what.  I don’t want to say too much about the ending except to say by this point I was so caught up in her emotions a tear or two may have been shed.  The one character I have to hold my hands up and say I really didn’t like strangely enough was Sandy’s husband Joe although not a central character he never the less came across as apathetic, lacking his wifes strength of character.  He failed to elict any symapthy from me despite the fact his life was torn apart almost as much as his wifes.

The hunter himself is a creature from nightmares who feeds on fear.  Of ancient origin only the evocation of his spiritual counterpart can save mankind.  The choice of using the legend of a creature from ancient times is inspired.  In an age where so many writers use the fan favourites of vampires and zombies to choose a monster less familiar may be considered a gamble but certainly one which pays off in this case.  Towards the end there are some very moving and thought provoking suggestions regarding the reason for evil in the world that will leave you pondering the implications of the human spirit.

On the whole I have to say I really enjoyed this book and would have read it a lot quicker if I had had chance.  If I had on slight criticism to make it would be the speed in which Special agent O’Neill comes to accept the explanation of Shimasou, given he admits he is not a spiritual man.  I do however see that this would have affected the pace of the story so on the basis of that it is something I am happy to overlook.

If you haven’t already visited David’s Blog then please visit David McGowan and treat yourselves to an excerpt from his WIP by clicking on his name.

I rated this 5 out 5 on goodreads and liked it so much I posted a short review on and where his book is available in the kindle store I only wish I had a paper copy for my book shelves.

11 thoughts on “Book Review – The Hunter Inside by David McGowan

  1. I have read this, like David’s style very much and agree with your overall review. Thanks Paula…if I ever write a book, will you review it for me? haha


    1. I have just noticed if you want a quick teaser sample the image of my kindle on the feature image of my book reviews is actually a page of David’s book 😉


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