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Lucky MeMe!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I recieved two more awards so I shall accept them in the order in which they arrived.  First The Lucky 7 MEME Award from the talented M.S. Fowle what can I say about Mel which has not be said by others far more eloquent than me.  Blogging has opened up so many opportunities to meet with such talented people and at tmes I am blown away that they think my blog worth visiting and without doubt Mel is one of them.

Here are the rules of The Lucky 7 Meme:

1.) Go to the 7th or 77th page of your Work in Progress.

2.) Go to the 7th line of the page.

3.) Copy the next 7 sentences or paragraphs. Remember, they must be as they are typed.

4.) Tag 7 authors.

5.) Let them know they’re it

Now I realised line 7 has already appeared on my blog so to line 77 we must go…(sorry you only get 7 sentences as it would give a good bit away hehehe)

Her hand had shaken as she held the torch to the kindling and the fire flickered into life.  After an hour’s silence the rest had drifted away back to their own dwellings around the enclave. Now she sat alone, a silent vigil that would last until the fire had burnt away. With the last dying embers the reign of Lord Athair would end and the reign of Jacantha would begin.

A sound in the distance made her start, her hand flying to the sword by her side. Tradition demanded the gates of the walled city and the castle itself be left open at this time to allow her father’s spirit to be freed unhindered, she had questioned the wisdom of this given the recent battle but had in the end put her trust in the guardians.

Now to tag 7 other writers……

1) Inside the mind of a fantasy writer

2) martha williams

3)The View Outside

4) brainsnorts inc >.<

5) Keyofstorm

6) “The Light-Bearer Series” Novelist, Emily Guido

7) theKingfamilyvampires

Okay now to the second award……

This one comes from a truly inspirational lady Terry1954, for anyone unaware of her story she is a carer for her brother Al who is suffering from Parkinson’s disease.  She also is incredibly talented in her own right her poetry is exquisite and her short stories thought provoking.  Life is not easy at times but she manages to smile through and is truly selfless as I recently commented on one of her posts while we may care for a disabled child or partner, or even a parent there are very few people who would put their life on hold to care for a sibling. I put my hands up and say as much as I love my sisters and brother I am not sure I would (Its okay they don’t read my blogs)

The rules are to say seven things about yourself.

Nominate fifteen others.

Give credit to the one who nominated you.

S0 7 things about me that you dont already know…

1) I was born with bright ginger hair thanks to my Irish hertitage

2) I love the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s and want to look like Audrey Hepburn in my next life

3) I have a lump of tiger’s eye quartz I play with when I get stuck writing

4) I am onto my fourth copy of Anne Rices Interview with a vampire after wearing the first three out

5) I am a typical libran – terrible at making decisions

6) In the first posting I forget the answer these questions even though I listed the numbers

7) I found it amusing no one pointed it out to me hehehehe

Nominations are…. (sorry I am not doing proper introductions today)

1) Brandon Scott

2) Help Me Rhonda


4) Christopher De Voss

5) Superphoenix

6) Dumb Workers

7) Magic in the Backyard

8) 50 Year Project

9) A Room of One’s Own

10) Hunter’s Writing

11) Brian Gaynor Photography

12) 1 (Leap) Year. 366 Photos.

13) T. W. Dittmer

14) Roof Beam Reader

15) Following Pulitzer

I tried to pick a mix of favourites and new blogs I have recently discovered but if you are not there you know it is because you probably already have the award not that I do not think you deserve an award.  I love visiting each and every one of the blogs I follow and am sure I will be sending one your way soon if you have not had one already

19 thoughts on “Lucky MeMe!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Now I can sit back and let everyone else go through the notifications nightmare lol there must be a quicker way to let everyone know than visiting each blog individually from now on one award at a time lol


  2. Congrats on your awards and thinking of me! I’m a die hard Fallout fan so whenever I see the word ‘enclave’ I think of the soldiers in that game. Duh me. I loved your teasing except though-I so wanna read this book! Finish the darn thing so we can read it!


  3. Congrats on the awards. Both are well deserved. I also love the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I have a watch that has a picture from the movie. Thanks for the nomination. You are so kind. I hope you are feeling better.


  4. when it comes to these awards, i have a phobia about passing it one because i always feel like someone’s going to be unhappy that i didn’t choose them. but i can select the seven sentences from seventh line on the 7th page on which a plane crashes. sure thang. thanks. have a great day.

    There was a growl, a squawking and squealing of a giant silver bird, like a metal hawk about to pounce on a rabbit running across a farm field. The squawk turned into something more like waves rolling across sand on a beach at sunrise. And then there was no sound. There was a rush of wind and light rain, tinted with the smell of fuel that caused many of them to remember when they were kids and going to the gas station with Dad and thinking how they liked that smell. They remembered how everything seemed safe with Dad. Dad the protector. They wished for that protector to arrive now.


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