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Weekly Roundup #2

I am heading out this evening to a charity comedy night for a local charity I feel very strongly about The Joseph Salmon Trust so will tell you all about that tomorrow as well as tell you a bit about the charity.  This week I finally set up a facebook like page although at the minute there isn’t much on it other than links to here and some photos but please feel free to click the link at the side of the blog and pop over.  I haven’t worked out how to make that page like any others yet but hell I am still learning.

Puppy has been for his first jabs and hates me right now but as its for his own good I can handle his sulking and he will thank me when he can run round the fields with Boris.  Boris might not thank me once his peace away from pup going on his walks are disturbed by the thunderbolt of energy that Patch is.

I have downloaded the Scrivener software will let you know how that works out once I have a proper play with it, the tutorial wasn’t very helpful really think it is going to be trial and error to decide if I really like it.


I thought I would let you know how I got on with last weeks goals well…

1) Finish the two books I am currently reading

Finished one am close on the second

2) Another 10,000 on to the novel word count

Only added around 3000 words this week but my back has been laying up so typing has been difficult

3) keep up on reading all your blogs am behind this week and have just under a hundred posts awaiting my persual so if you get likes or comments in a random order you know why

not done too badly this week actually had my emails clear several times this week

4) post at least one book review, one poem and one flash fiction during the next week as I try to balance the blog/book scales

Poem ; Breathe

Flash Fiction; Deuce

Book Review; The Wolf Gift

5) buy that painting

Not yet but not given in hope thought it best to wait to see what cash is left after pup goes to vets for jabs


Goals for this week…

1) Finish first draft of novel

2) Finish reading The Hunter Inside

3) Publish one book review, one poem, one flash fiction

4) Publish a post about the charity comedy evening

5) Nothing to do with the blog but to work out the logistics of getting to my ghost hunt at Marston Moor

4 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup #2

  1. You sound like a very busy lady, Paula! Wow, very impressive. I’d love a puppy. One has been offered to me but I’m not sure it will come to fruition! 😦

    I set up a Page for myself on fb a little while ago but have absolutely no idea how to use it. Was it easy for you to update details etc? 🙂


    1. It took me a week to work out how to like things with that page lol there is a little drop down arrow that appears in the top right hand corner you use that to switch between your personal account and your like account then it is easier to do stuff 🙂


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