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Book Review – The Wolf Gift by Anne Rice

I make no secret of the fact I fell in love with several of Anne Rice’s vampires.  I cried when she announced there would be no more additions to the vampire chronicles.  I have read her subsequent works and although they were excellently written they just did not grab me as much as Lestat and Louis.

With The Wolf Gift Rice once more takes us on an exhilarating exploration through humanity and the supernatural.  Her main character Rueben charms and seduces the reader as he comes to terms with his new life.  When he agrees to write a piece on the Nideck property he has no idea it will lead to a new life not of his own choosing.  We watch as events unfold with bated breath as he struggles to come to adjust to his new gift.  He struggles with what it means to be human and beast and the consquences of the actions he is compelled to make.  In his brother Jim he has not only a confidente but a sparring partner to questions of morality and beliefs.  His mother the doctor believes in science above all else and her determination to discover exactly what is happening to her baby boy almost leads to disaster.  In Laura he finds a damaged soul who is still capable of loving him as both human and beast.

I hope that the way this book ends signals that there will be more.   There is the scope for not only a sequel but a series to rival both her Mayfair Witch series and The Vampire Chronicles.  The teaser of allowing a glimpse of the history of these creatures is tantalising, given Rice’s proven ability to bring the past to life with her vivid descriptions and complex characters and leaves you in no doubt there is so much more to know.

I really don’t want to say too much more if you love the supernatural it is a must read.  On her Facebook page Anne Rice posed the question ‘ Would you sleep with the wolf man as Laura does?’  Before reading this I would have said no now I say hell yeah!

11 thoughts on “Book Review – The Wolf Gift by Anne Rice

    1. that is one place I really want to visit soemday her descriptions of it are so amazing i have seen photos on her website of all the landmarks she used in her novels if i ever get round to writing a bucket list a tour of them will be right at the top


  1. i LOVED interview with a vampire. after that, eh, each book went a little too far and too silly. i read the first book of the series about jesus. it wasn’t interesting enough for me to go beyond the first one.


  2. I found that I had mixed emotions with the vampire chronicles while there were some i totally adored others i really struggled to get through (I really did not enjoy Tale of the Body Thief) but i have to say i really did enjoy the ones where she let the elder vampires tell the stories of their lives through the centuries. I was fascinated by the idea of how a person born in one age comes to terms with living through so many others. When I think of advances in technology just in my own life time i wonder what someone born centuries ago would think of them and whether they would consider them as a miracle or a burden


  3. Nice review. I love Lestat and Louis and vampires especially when it comes from Anne Rice but your review has opened me up to her wolves lol, I just might read it 🙂 Thanks for leaving comments on mine, I appreciate it :)- Camgal


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