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Author Interview – Monique Domovitch

I am extremely honoured to have an interview for you today with an incredibly talented writer Monique Domovitch.  I first came across Monique when there was the opportunity to review her first book in the Scorpio Series Scorpio Rising and I have to say aswell as being an extremely talented writer she has been generous enough to send me a few tips and a little encouragement in my writing journey.  The Canadian born former model and investment advisor has now devoted her time to her passion, writing.  Along with the two books in the Scorpio series (links for my reviews can be found at the bottom of this interview) published under her own name she is also published for Obsidian under the pen name of Carol Ann Martin.  Click on her name to check out her website it is well worth a visit.

I cannot say how thrilled I am that Monique agreed to give up a little time out of her hectic schedule to answer a few questions for me.

1)  As I said in my introduction your first career was as a model so I have to ask where is the most interesting place you ever visited and is there anywhere you would still love to go that you have yet to see?

Here’s the funny thing. I’ve travelled all over the world, from Mexico and Jamaica to Italy and Morocco—just to name a few—I hardly saw any of the sights. Travelling for photography shoots may sound wonderful bout the models rarely gets to see anything. The sights are usually used as background while the model smiles at the camera. These last few years my husband and I have been travelling to all those places where I modeled and I can’t believe how little I saw. I’m having fun. Every now and then I see a place and I think, oh that’s where I worked on that particular shoot so many years ago.
2)  Do you have a favourite place to write? Do you have a routine you stick to?

I’ll write just about anywhere but my favorite is in my office at work. I tell everyone to forget I’m here and I close the door. And then I can concentrate all I want, which sometimes is a bit too much. I suffer from dry eye and because I don’t take enough breaks from looking at the screen I tend to get eye infections. Not a good thing. 🙂

3)  I read and loved the two books in the Scorpio series, You write wonderfully diverse and complex characters who is your favourite charcter from your books?

This may surprise you but I loved Anne Turner. She is just such a manipulative bitch. I had fun plotting her strategies. I could put myself in the skin of a real bad girl—a rare opportunity for a girl who went to catholic boarding school.
4) Have you ever written a character where part way through a story you have either loved them so much you had to arrange a bigger part for them or one you loathed so much you felt the urge to kill them off?

Yes, actually, Natalia, the aging overweight movie-star. For some reason I loved her. Her role got larger as the second book progressed because she was such a wonderful character with a fascinating history of which I showed a few glimpses.

5) You publish for Obsidian under a pen name yet you chose to publish the Scorpio novels under your own name via self publishing.  Why did you choose this option for these particular novels?

The reason is that when an author writes different series, it can be confusing to readers especially when the series are very different from each other. For that reason, Obsidian preferred for me to use a pen name. Also, if I should decide to stop writing that particular series, Obsidian can contract another author to continue it under the pen name. In other words, that particular pen name is the property of Obsidian.

6)  You wrote an interesting article on your website regarding the business of self-publishing.  As a few of my followers are currently in the process of going down this route what is the most important thing they should consider when deciding how to go about this?

Be prepared to wear many hats, unless you have deep pockets and are willing to pay for others to do the work. The one great advantage is that by doing everything oneself, there is a huge amount of learning. The curve is steep but the rewards huge. Another thing to remember is that not ever self published author makes money. Most spend more than they make. But with ever book they put out, they grow their fan base. Or at least that’s what they aim for. 
7)  From your website I know there is possibly a film adaptation in the pipeline and while I appreciate you probably can’t give too much away about the story I would be interested to her how you feel about the whole adaptation process. How does it feel to be turning your vision over to someone else and how much control you manage to retain over the project?

So far I’ve had very little to do with it, other than a few telephone meetings and a number of emails. So there is a bit of a sense of loss of control, but hey, I’m so new at this, and it’s such a compliment for anybody to be considering turning my novel into a TV show. Oh, it’s a TV show, not a movie. That is even more exciting. It would mean week after week of my characters coming alive for an audience. So far, nothing has been confirmed, and you know the old saying, it ain’t a done deal till the ink is dry. But I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

8) Can you tell us about your next novel due for release next year?

There are two coming out next year. I just sold another novel to Carina Press and they too want it to evolve into a series. So the first one coming out will be Getting Skinny, a murder mystery featuring a young chef with a weight problem. When her boyfriend is found murdered with her chef’s knife in his heart, she becomes the number one suspect and sets out to find the real killer to prove her innocence. It is, according the early reviews, laugh-out-loud funny.

9) I have to ask will there be another installment in the Scorpio series?  Please say yes I want more

There will be a continuing series of that particular genre, but they will be featuring different casts of characters. The next one will be The Eye of the Bull, or perhaps the Bull of Wall Street—a suspense story set in the financial world. I also have another one which will feature a Leo. You’ve probably guessed by now that all my novels in this series will be based on astrological personalities. Just between you and me, I LOVE writing these books. Just like my readers, I can’t wait to know what happens next.

10)  Finally if you could give one piece of advice to all those like me starting out on their writing journey what would it be?

Oh, God! Join writers’ groups. Take writing lessons. And write, write, write, and then, edit, edit, edit. Writing is a lot of work and it takes a huge amount of discipline to actually finish a book. But if I can do it, you can too. I hate to admit it but success is only 10% talent and 90% perspiration. 

Again thank you soo much for agreeing to do this.

It was my pleasure.

Again I really want to thank Monique for taking the time to give this interview.  Her books Scorpio Rising and Sting of the Scorpio (you can check out my reviews by clicking on the titles) are both available on Amazon and are highly recommended for anyone wanting a 5 star read.

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    1. I was really surprised to learn about pen names remaining the property of the publisher. It makes you wonder how many times an author has grown bored of a series and they have drafted in someone else to carry it on. writing under your own name you have more to lose by letting the standards slip


      1. Yeah – I’m not sure how I’d feel about creating a story that someone else would continue writing. It’d be like giving my son away to some stranger… I just couldn’t do it. My stories are like my babies in a way.


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