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Book Review – First night by M.S. Fowle

Okay first a confession to everyone who reviewed this book already I didn’t really read your reviews closely. I know you will have written great reviews so I will have clicked like but I didn’t want to be influenced when I finally got chance to read it for myself.

I started this book with a little trepidation.  I loved Nora’s Sun and knew that this was a different type of story.  Plus given the sheer number of books on the market with vampires or vampire like creature I dreaded discovering this would just be more of the same but I have to say I was wrong on both counts.  The quality of the writing is every bit as brilliant as Nora’s Sun and the plot dynamics of this book had me longing for the next installment.

The First Night By the very talented M.S. Fowle is an action packed tale of mans ability to persecute that which he does not understand no matter what the cost or the consequences.  The ‘First’ have existed since the dawn of time their natural life span is a millenia but they are under threat from the Chimera savage beast created with one sole purpose…to destroy the first.  The problem is the Chimera feast on flesh and blood and are not too fussy who that flesh belongs to.  Alex has her own reasons for wanting the Chimera stopped as do her Urban Gang who dedicate their lives to destroying these savage creatures.  During a hunt the First and the Urban Gang come face to face as they battle their joint foe.  Only by finding a way to get past the mistrust of centuries can they hope to destroy these beings and the one who created them.  Zeke leads his clan of first members.  Now at this point I have got to comment on him there is no real description of how he looks but even without one this guy somehow manages to ooze sex appeal and it would have been very easy for this to become a straight forward girl falls for vampire novel but the authors outstanding story telling manages to avoid this and allows us to watch the relationship slowly unfold between them.  Infact in many ways what is not said in the book is far more influential than what is said.  Will who has been Alex’s sidekick since childhood does not need to tell us he is in love with her we can see it in his actions just as we know that Zeke and Alex are fated to be part of each others lives.  Zeke struggles to understand not only Alex’s motives and emotions which are not part of the ‘first’s’ character but also to understand his own feelings towards her.  Like a moth to a flame he is drawn back to her time and time again.  It would hae been easy to throw the pair into each others arms but the only real physical contact between them is when Alex allows Zeke to feed from her in order to regain his strength.  I have to say I found the second time this happened incredibly sensual.  I would even go as far as to say that this conveyed sensuality during the feeding process was on par with that of Anne Rice in her Vampire Chronicles, it is the bond created by the sharing of souls rather than the passion of a sexual encounter which promises the opprtunities for a relationship between these two who should be sworn enemies.

I don’t want to say too much more incase some of you have not had the pleasure of reading this yet.  I cannot recommend this highly enough and it gained a 5 out of 5 with me. I will be interviewing the author in the near future and have the next installment lined up to read very soon

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