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The Inspiring Blogger Award

First let me say how amazingly humbling it is to be nominated for this award two weeks running.  This weeks nomination comes curtesy of the amazingly talented M.S. Fowle whose novel Nora’s Sun I review a couple of weeks ago and I have just started reading a second of her works First Night.  Like myself she juggles family life with the desire to write and has been a wonderful friend here in the blogging world giving me tips and reassurance as a stumble along the path to self belief. I am hoping to persuade her to allow me to practise my interview technique on her to go along with the review of First Night in the very near future.

Rules of the award:
1.) Thank the person who gave you the award with a link to their blog.
2.) Tell them 7 things about yourself.
3.) Nominate 7 other blogs for the award.

hmm 7 more things about me well you asked for it…

1)  I actually had to go back and check on my previous awards posts what I already told you. I used to have an amzing memory before all the pain meds now some days I struggle to remember my own name thankfully work provide name badges to remind me.

2) I am incrediably insecure like so many other writers when it comes to hitting the publish button.  I have even been known to pretend it is the save button when I finish writing then edit it so I can’t take it back.

3) While researching my family tree I found a great great grandmother who managed to have two children by her ‘husband’ after he died….she was a house keeper at the time and I have a sneaky feeling she may not have been entirely honest….hmmmmm

4) I cry at everything! You have no idea how many of you have reduced me to a gibbering wreck with your poetry and posts yet when it comes to dealing with things in real life I can be as hard as nails.

5) I never normally catch the sun it just reflects off my but this week sitting out in the fields I have managed to burn my shoulders. And it hurts..

6) I once catalogued my entire book collection just incase I ever had to try to claim on the insurance for them but forgot to update it and now estimate that it would cost around ten thousand pounds to replace them all if I had to buy them new. If you think I am exagerrating take a quick look around your bookshelves and think how much it would cost to replace all yours? You may like me have picked up loads at secondhand bookshops, 3 for 2 offers etc but to actually get them all again….

7) When I am writing I have a favourite incense I like to burn I think I may be addicted to it

Okay now for 7 blogs to nominate this is so hard as I love so many of you… so what I am going to do is actually feature a couple of new blogs I found this week and a couple of my favourites. I would like to say I would nominate Kyle but I know he doesn’t do awards possibly because of the sheer number he would recieve and if he accpeted them all he may never get anything else done which would be a tragedy.

1) Texana’s Kitchen I only found this blog last night and her take on British cuisine had me in stitches.  I have to nominate her just for the fact she is introducing spotted dick to a whole new audience.

2) keyofstorm As many of you will have seen I did my first ever interview yesterday with Darren he has just started blogging here on word press so his site is just getting up and running but I know from my conversations with him it will be a resounding success please pop by and say hello

3) fringewalk I literally found this blog a few hours ago via Kyle’s page but the post that led me there was truly inspiring regarding attitudes towards overweight people and the scorn and derision they face.

4) seventhvoice I know I have nominated this blog before for their struggles with a special child but this time I want to draw attention to the amazing poetry you will find there

5) Dumb Workers I have yet to visit this blog and not walk away with tears of laughter streaming down my face infact The Train Stop made me laugh so much it hurt my sides any parent of little boys will so get that post

6) Elegant Equine Images another blog I have featured before one of his images inspired a poem here and the advice he has been giving me regarding my photography skills is really starting to pay off as you will see in an upcoming post where I will share some of my own attempts at horse photography

7) Inside the mind of a fantasy writer most of you will be well aware of Heidi’s work but this award is not for that it is for her.  The sheer drive as has for writing and despite knock back after knock back she continues to strive towards her dream.  She has taken criticism, rejections and yet has the strength to continue undaunted and I very much hope when I start the manuscript sending phase i will have the same fortitude to see me through it,

Okay there you go I am now going to through an awards party where I shall of course give a blubbing acceptance speak before getting drunk and showing myself up


15 thoughts on “The Inspiring Blogger Award

  1. Many thanks for the nomination , my site only came to be by way of all the help you gave me 😉 You deserve an award just for that ! ..
    You have a wonderful site , it certainly takes my eye , one I’ll be waitching closely


    1. No similar it is just called ancient times but does not give the actual ingrediants so I am in the process of attempting to work it out by a process of elimination 🙂


    1. Thankyou so much I will of course accept it who doesn’t like being appreciated lol what i shall do is defer actually doing the award nominations until the weekend when I have more time to do those i nominate and yourself justice


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