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Introducing a new friend Darren Storer

Hi  fellow bloggers this week I have had the pleasure of making the aquaintance of a new friend via the wonder that is facebook.  Darren Storer is the author of The Key of The Storm on sale via amazon if any of you fancy clicking the link on the novel title; if you would like to visit his blog please click on his name.  He is currently writing “The Recusant Who Never Recanted” & “The Child Who Died From Other Tales” and has just started blogging here at wordpress links to his previous site can also be found on his site. Although I am sure he will be posting a lot more of his previous poems and posts over to wordpress in the near future.  So without further ado here we go my first author interview……

So Darren Welcome to wordpress and to my little blog.  So I guess the first question should be how did you become a writer?

Hi, and many thanks for interviewing me.

How did I become a writer? To be honest by accident…a series of visions led me to start a journal purely as a cathartic exercise…it was never intended for publication…it just took on a life of its own…so to speak…and one thing led to another.

I know a little about you but for those not familiar with your work how would you describe it? Would you assign it to any particular genre?

My works are best described as journals of esoterical experiences such as astral projection , dreams , and visions . I use a lot of poetry to describe these subjects and /or the emotions involved also .

When you are not slaving away over the keyboard what do you like to read?

Most of the reading I get to do nowadays is unfortunately to check references and so on . The books I’m reading at the moment are
The Holy Blood And The Holy Grail , Bloodline Of The Holy Grail , Eliphas Levi’s The History Of Magic , the Lemegeton Clavicular Salomonis, and the Liber Al vel Legis }
The last books I read just for fun would include authors such as Bill Bryson , Terry Pratchett . More recently it was Plutarch’s Greek Lives , and Demonology by King James 1st .

Do you have any rituals around writing? A favourite place to work or a must have to hand item?

When I’m working I like to have a copious supply of black coffee at hand , backed up by an endless supply of Rothmans . If it’s getting late I like to have a glass of Rioja or the suchlike . If , and when it’s possible , I like to listen to Purcell , Wagner , or Albinoni to help me think ….but with three teenagers it usually produces howls or derision and so it tends to be when the house is empty . I can write anywhere where there’s a quiet spot to do so , and hopefully a comfy chair too .

Many of the people reading this are still struggling to find that elusive contract would you like to tell us how you got yours? Was it a first time hit or did you have those lovely rejections I have heard so much about to contend with first?

Getting published ; as I said , it was quite by accident … an old friend…one I hadn’t seen or heard from for 8 years got in contact and we started talking about the visions etc ( he was in fact the one who taught me how to recognize , understand , and control such things ) , After reading part of my journal he suggested I send it to a friend of his who was a publisher … I’ll admit the response received was a major shock . The manuscript I sent struck a cord with them … it took about 2 weeks and I had a contract and a request for both prequel and sequel . It’s still all rather surreal .

What was the last album you listened to?

The last album I listened to was an Eric Clapton compilation , the one before that was a Frank Sinatra best of . I only got away with it because my wife quite likes them too

What would you like the lovely bloggers out their to know about you?

What can I tell you about me ? I’m 45 , happily married with 3 teenage kids . I like to watch cricket and golf . My working life consisted of 26 years in the carpet trade until I was forced to retire through a spinal injury ..i’m registered as being disabled .
Personal beliefs … there are many Gods out there ..I’ll talk to them when they talk to me . To others I say believe in what you believe calls to you … in the end we’ll all find out one way or the other what the Truth is.

What question are you really glad I didn’t ask hehehehe?

A question that I wouldn’t have liked to have been asked …. can’t think of one …. I ‘m happy to talk to anyone ,anywhere . If anyone can think of a question , and I can give an answer .. why not ?

Finally do you have a favourite amongst the poems you have written you would like to share with us?

My favourite poem …. wow … that’s not easy … there’s 2 really ….one that I gave in response to a Jesuit Professor who called me a heretic ( which I found greatly amusing)

If insane I
So let it be
Who dares to dream
Such dreams
But me

The other poem is based on a vision mentioned in my book “The Key Of The Storm” …which was part of a chain of events that ultimately set me on this path


Night ,
Choose your masque
Hide my screams
For refuge sought
Within such dreams
Brings not succour
Nor timely respite
From the Wolf
That now follws
Eyes darkly bright
Fenrisulfr , he comes
His hunger impatient
Unbound now , unchained
With anger unsated

My thanks once more for the interview . If anyone would like to contact me with any other questions , or even to discuss their own experiences , then please feel free .

It has been my pleasure and again for anyone wanting to find out more about Darren Storer or read more of his work click his name to visit his page

May your Gods , whoever they may be , walk beside you always

D W Storer

4 thoughts on “Introducing a new friend Darren Storer

    1. It was my pleasure I hope at some point in the future I will be not only reviewing your works but you never know one day you may have an excuse to interview me lol 🙂


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