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Book Review – Scary Mary by S A Hunter

First let me state I am about 27 years too old to give a truly objective review on this book sadly but I will do my best to think back to my own teenage years and comment appropriately lol.

Being a teenager is tough but more so if like Mary you hear dead people.  Bullied at school called a freak she has abandoned hope of being accepted by anyone other than her only friend Rachel.  That is until the new boy arrives.  Could the good looking new boy really like her for herself?  Of course things never go smoothly the school bitch and the disbelieving populous all think Mary is playing a role to scare them when in truth she is the one with something to fear.

Okay so I don’t want to say to much more about the plot as this book was more of a novella than a full novel.  It is well written and as a teen I would have loved it.  I think it would be especially pertinent for those struggling to find acceptance for who they are.  It does of course feature many of the stereotypical characters you would expect the cheerleader, the jock but throw in a few you wouldn’t expect like a fortunetelling gran and a ghostly dog and it gets interesting.  There is a great thread of humour throughout the book which i think helps older readers to engage more.  I gave it 4 stars on good reads if I could would have been 3.5 and if i had still been thirteen would have been a 5 so I thought that was a fair score.  Probably one for adults to grab as a freebie for a beach read but would certainly buy for my daughter if she were younger.

5 thoughts on “Book Review – Scary Mary by S A Hunter

    1. reminded me in some ways of a paranormal twist on the sweet valley high books from my own teenage years only with better writing and humour or the point horror books my little sister had


  1. an interesting review , one that would have led me to getting a copy for my daughter too if she were younger . Going by this review , I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to friends with daughters younger than my own


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