Flights of Fancy · Tuesday Reflections


I love sunsets.  The colours, the stillness and tranquility so thought I would share just a few of the ones I have captured here.  Sadly no exotic locations just the woods by my home.  I love the way by playing with the computer you can enhance the light to create something more bold like the first one or just capture the colours like most of the rest.  Ther are times when writing I feel totally inadequate to describe some of the beauties nature provides us with.  I don’t know if others feel this way I simply rely on the reader to have experienced the same things.  To describe a glorious sunset, the sky alight with the myriad of colours, yet I know no two sunsets are the same, each colour composed of a hundred different hues.  At school a teacher once told us when describing something to try to imagine how we would describe it to a blind person.  To use all the senses to create the emotive experience.  So as well as my reading challenge I am setting myself another challenge.  I recently reviewed the Flash fiction anthology Jawbreakers and was interested in the concept of convaying so much in so few word.  So my other challenge for this year will be to randomly pick one of the many images stored on my computer (no suprise to you I think given the number of photos I have posted so far) and create a flash fiction piece around what the image evokes in me.  I am undecided as yet whether to do this randomly or pick a certain day for it but the first one will be up before midnight here sunday, wish me luck.

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