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Warwick Castle

Last december I visited Warwick Castle I posted a few pics in my post Clinging to the Flagpole but as I took loads of pics thought you would enjoy seeing a few more.

Horses Armour on display in the Great Hall it is fascinating to see the work that has been put into the animals protection is of the same quality as that of it’s rider.  The armour was not just for battle purposes but a sign of the wealth of its owner very much like todays car the horse was not only a means of transport but also a status symbol.

The huge tressle tables in the great hall were laid for a more modern manner of feasting but gave a really good impression of what it must have been like to attend a medieval banquet in such splendid surroundings



I wish I had got a picture of the other half stood next to this as one of the things that struck him quite profoundly was just how short people were back then.  My other half is six foot one and was almost a foot taller than the tallest suit of armour we saw.  It is also interesting when you considered how strong these men must have been to wield weapons while wearing these cumbersome suits.  Was also good to see the vulnerabilities especially as the novel I am writing is medieval fantasy it helped me envision the type of armour I want my characters to wear.

When you consider the alternative to death on the battlefield though I think if I was facing defeat I would have been tempted to simply strip my armour off and throw myself into the fray in the hopes of a quick dispatch. The medieval form of justice certainly would be seen as a deterrent these days basically you are thrown into a dank cell if you are lucky and then have to battle it out with the other occupants for any sort of nourishment that is thrown in.

If you are unlucky then special treatment awaited you in many forms which I may blog about at a later date so I shall not dwell on it right now I know you guys have the imaginations to come up with a few forms of torture without any prompting.


I thought it might be good to include another pic of me just to prove there were no lasting effects of me clinging to that flag pole. There were the most stunning views over the river from here and the steep drop behind the castle shows just how difficult it would have been to capture the castle.

The next few pics are of the Trebuchet and the Ballista that they have there both are working examples and if you time your visit right then you can see them in action.  Sadly we didn’t but I hope to see the ones in action at Cardiff Castle this summer.

Well I hope you enjoyed a few of the masses of photos I took over my two days in Warwick I shall leave you with a few more castle pics and at some point will post some of the ones I took round Warwick itself.

6 thoughts on “Warwick Castle

  1. I really enjoyed my trip to Warwick Castle–you really got some good photos. That first one is gorgeous! Thanks for the follow, Paula. I am looking forward to following yours as well.


    1. By all means I know your posts normally include the prices etc and it might be worth pointing out this place is quite pricey but you can get some good deals on the website if people plan ahead


      1. it has been taken over by the company that own madame tussauds etc we found the best value was to get the two day pass which included everything then spent the first day doing the dungeons, merlins tower and the other exhibits actually in the castle then the second day exploring the grounds if people visit during the summer there are lots of live events on which are a bonus we visited in december so sadly missed them


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