Away Days · Tuesday Reflections

Beltane Blessings

Okay first an aopolgy I had been trying to keep up on reading everyones posts by phone but have realised when I click like on there it isn’t posting so if it looks like I haven’t been visiting or liking thats why.  I have about 30 posts to catch up on at the minute and will be doing that inbetween writing the next part of my post Disintegration and a million other things.  For the min thought I would share with you the reason for yesterday laxness.  I attended my first Beltane ritual.  Before Christianity and other modern religions Paganism was celebrated across the globe in many different forms.  Its basic premise is the link between individuals and this planet we inhabit.  I am not going to go into a long diatribe just giving the pics context.  Like all religions/beliefs it has its own symbolisms and cermonies Beltane is about welcoming to summer calling forth the elements for a plentiful bounty from that seasons crops.  I know there are a few Christians who visit me and who respect our differences and I hope that although you may not share my views you at least enjoy the pics of people damncing round a maypole. You never know next year I may even do it myself.


Let me know your thoughts.......

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