The Inner Goddess

Taken in the statue Gallery at Chatsworth

The Goddess lies and waits in

Each and every living woman.

As she walks through wind and gale

She does not bow her head.

She looks forever forward

Never dwelling in the past

Facing every challenge

As it crosses in her path.

In young and old alike

She patiently bides her time.

The choice of God irrespective

 Her own strength she bestows.

Subserviant to no one

Her worth she full well knows.

Through her many struggles

She gains empathy and strength.

She loves without condition

She is loyalty beyond words.

She shares herself without

A second thought or pause.

And once she gains her freedom

From her slumber deep inside.

The Goddess can be seen

By those that recognise

The dignity, love and grace

That embodies womankind.


Author Interview – M.S. Fowle

Today hot on the heels of yesterdays book review I have the pleasure of sharing a quick interview with author and fellow blogger M.S. Fowle I decided to throw in a couple of random questions to warm up before discussing her work.  So first I would like to thank Mel for taking time out of her busy life to answer them.

So here we go…

1) When you are not writing what’s your favourite way to pass those few precious spare hours?

When I’m not writing, I’m either at work or spending time with my family. And if there’s any time left, I’m usually playing with Photoshop.


2) You are at a restaurant that will prepare any three course meal you want. What do you order?

Stuffed mushrooms, a heaping pile of spaghetti and meatballs, and chocolate mousse for dessert.
3) I know like myself you are a mum how do you juggle home life and writing?

I have THE most supportive family on the planet. We’re surrounded by family and my husband understands my love of writing. I’m really lucky.


4) First night is the second of your books I have read. Both have strong women as their lead characters. Did you deliberately make a point of this or was it just the way your stories came to you?

That’s just the way my stories come to me. I’ve written a few stories with male leads, but I admit I like my heroines more.


5) Where do you prefer to write? Do you have a specific routine?

I’m either on the couch with my notebook and/or my laptop or parked at my desk in my room. I used to stay up until 2 or 3 in the morning writing, but every since our son, there’s just no way. I sit and write whenever I can.


6) Both of your works I have read have been self published. Was that a choice you made instead of the traditional publishing route or are you still exploring all options?

I’m definitely exploring all options. It’s no mistake that I’ve only self-published a short story and a couple novella length books. I have a few novels that I’m holding onto. It would mean more to me to see them in actual print first. I’d love to see all my work in print, but getting some of my work out there was the whole point. These days, literary agents aren’t willing to take a risk on an unknown author. If enough people like my work, I stand a better chance of being traditionally published. Maybe it’s a long shot, but I’m taking it.


7) Now bear in mind I have not read the second book in the ‘First’ series yet but I already see a love triangle in the making. You managed to convey the developing bond between Zeke and Alex without any real physical contact between them. Were you tempted to throw in a kiss towards the end?

Nope. 🙂


8) When you started as a new aspiring writer what is the one piece of advice you wish someone had given you?

That I should’ve started a blog a looooong time ago. I’ll be totally honest – I had no idea what the purpose of a blog was until I tried it. But it’s fun! I’m meeting people from all over the world, we’re reading each others work, we’re relating to each other. And it really is helpful with it comes to marketing your books. It gives a place for the reader to meet the author and talk about whatever. But I have not and will not ever Tweet.

Thanks so much, Paula! I’m so glad you like The First! I loved what you said about Zeke in your review. I won’t say much else because I know haven’t read Book Two, but I will tell you that Book Three will be out (hopefully) soon. Thanks again!

I can’t wait to read them anyone not aquainted with M.S. Fowle should pop over to her blog and take a peek links to her books on Amazon can also be found there. And again huge thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions.

Book Review – First night by M.S. Fowle

Okay first a confession to everyone who reviewed this book already I didn’t really read your reviews closely. I know you will have written great reviews so I will have clicked like but I didn’t want to be influenced when I finally got chance to read it for myself.

I started this book with a little trepidation.  I loved Nora’s Sun and knew that this was a different type of story.  Plus given the sheer number of books on the market with vampires or vampire like creature I dreaded discovering this would just be more of the same but I have to say I was wrong on both counts.  The quality of the writing is every bit as brilliant as Nora’s Sun and the plot dynamics of this book had me longing for the next installment.

The First Night By the very talented M.S. Fowle is an action packed tale of mans ability to persecute that which he does not understand no matter what the cost or the consequences.  The ‘First’ have existed since the dawn of time their natural life span is a millenia but they are under threat from the Chimera savage beast created with one sole purpose…to destroy the first.  The problem is the Chimera feast on flesh and blood and are not too fussy who that flesh belongs to.  Alex has her own reasons for wanting the Chimera stopped as do her Urban Gang who dedicate their lives to destroying these savage creatures.  During a hunt the First and the Urban Gang come face to face as they battle their joint foe.  Only by finding a way to get past the mistrust of centuries can they hope to destroy these beings and the one who created them.  Zeke leads his clan of first members.  Now at this point I have got to comment on him there is no real description of how he looks but even without one this guy somehow manages to ooze sex appeal and it would have been very easy for this to become a straight forward girl falls for vampire novel but the authors outstanding story telling manages to avoid this and allows us to watch the relationship slowly unfold between them.  Infact in many ways what is not said in the book is far more influential than what is said.  Will who has been Alex’s sidekick since childhood does not need to tell us he is in love with her we can see it in his actions just as we know that Zeke and Alex are fated to be part of each others lives.  Zeke struggles to understand not only Alex’s motives and emotions which are not part of the ‘first’s’ character but also to understand his own feelings towards her.  Like a moth to a flame he is drawn back to her time and time again.  It would hae been easy to throw the pair into each others arms but the only real physical contact between them is when Alex allows Zeke to feed from her in order to regain his strength.  I have to say I found the second time this happened incredibly sensual.  I would even go as far as to say that this conveyed sensuality during the feeding process was on par with that of Anne Rice in her Vampire Chronicles, it is the bond created by the sharing of souls rather than the passion of a sexual encounter which promises the opprtunities for a relationship between these two who should be sworn enemies.

I don’t want to say too much more incase some of you have not had the pleasure of reading this yet.  I cannot recommend this highly enough and it gained a 5 out of 5 with me. I will be interviewing the author in the near future and have the next installment lined up to read very soon


As I mentioned in my awards post yesterday my good friend Paul Hodgson from Elegant Equine Images has been giving me some photography tips on capturing live creatures starting with the horse.  Harlequinn is a little over two years old and is a real sweetie.  He can get a little demanding and stamps his feet for apples now when I see him it is quite comical to watch as he will carry on until he is sure he has had all the apples I have about my person.  He also occasionally gets a little how shall we put it ‘overexcited’ when I visit at times on those days I beat a hasty retreat and sit at the other side of the field where he maintains a close eye on what I am up to. So without further ado meet Harlequinn.

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The Inspiring Blogger Award

First let me say how amazingly humbling it is to be nominated for this award two weeks running.  This weeks nomination comes curtesy of the amazingly talented M.S. Fowle whose novel Nora’s Sun I review a couple of weeks ago and I have just started reading a second of her works First Night.  Like myself she juggles family life with the desire to write and has been a wonderful friend here in the blogging world giving me tips and reassurance as a stumble along the path to self belief. I am hoping to persuade her to allow me to practise my interview technique on her to go along with the review of First Night in the very near future.

Rules of the award:
1.) Thank the person who gave you the award with a link to their blog.
2.) Tell them 7 things about yourself.
3.) Nominate 7 other blogs for the award.

hmm 7 more things about me well you asked for it…

1)  I actually had to go back and check on my previous awards posts what I already told you. I used to have an amzing memory before all the pain meds now some days I struggle to remember my own name thankfully work provide name badges to remind me.

2) I am incrediably insecure like so many other writers when it comes to hitting the publish button.  I have even been known to pretend it is the save button when I finish writing then edit it so I can’t take it back.

3) While researching my family tree I found a great great grandmother who managed to have two children by her ‘husband’ after he died….she was a house keeper at the time and I have a sneaky feeling she may not have been entirely honest….hmmmmm

4) I cry at everything! You have no idea how many of you have reduced me to a gibbering wreck with your poetry and posts yet when it comes to dealing with things in real life I can be as hard as nails.

5) I never normally catch the sun it just reflects off my but this week sitting out in the fields I have managed to burn my shoulders. And it hurts..

6) I once catalogued my entire book collection just incase I ever had to try to claim on the insurance for them but forgot to update it and now estimate that it would cost around ten thousand pounds to replace them all if I had to buy them new. If you think I am exagerrating take a quick look around your bookshelves and think how much it would cost to replace all yours? You may like me have picked up loads at secondhand bookshops, 3 for 2 offers etc but to actually get them all again….

7) When I am writing I have a favourite incense I like to burn I think I may be addicted to it

Okay now for 7 blogs to nominate this is so hard as I love so many of you… so what I am going to do is actually feature a couple of new blogs I found this week and a couple of my favourites. I would like to say I would nominate Kyle but I know he doesn’t do awards possibly because of the sheer number he would recieve and if he accpeted them all he may never get anything else done which would be a tragedy.

1) Texana’s Kitchen I only found this blog last night and her take on British cuisine had me in stitches.  I have to nominate her just for the fact she is introducing spotted dick to a whole new audience.

2) keyofstorm As many of you will have seen I did my first ever interview yesterday with Darren he has just started blogging here on word press so his site is just getting up and running but I know from my conversations with him it will be a resounding success please pop by and say hello

3) fringewalk I literally found this blog a few hours ago via Kyle’s page but the post that led me there was truly inspiring regarding attitudes towards overweight people and the scorn and derision they face.

4) seventhvoice I know I have nominated this blog before for their struggles with a special child but this time I want to draw attention to the amazing poetry you will find there

5) Dumb Workers I have yet to visit this blog and not walk away with tears of laughter streaming down my face infact The Train Stop made me laugh so much it hurt my sides any parent of little boys will so get that post

6) Elegant Equine Images another blog I have featured before one of his images inspired a poem here and the advice he has been giving me regarding my photography skills is really starting to pay off as you will see in an upcoming post where I will share some of my own attempts at horse photography

7) Inside the mind of a fantasy writer most of you will be well aware of Heidi’s work but this award is not for that it is for her.  The sheer drive as has for writing and despite knock back after knock back she continues to strive towards her dream.  She has taken criticism, rejections and yet has the strength to continue undaunted and I very much hope when I start the manuscript sending phase i will have the same fortitude to see me through it,

Okay there you go I am now going to through an awards party where I shall of course give a blubbing acceptance speak before getting drunk and showing myself up


Introducing a new friend Darren Storer

Hi  fellow bloggers this week I have had the pleasure of making the aquaintance of a new friend via the wonder that is facebook.  Darren Storer is the author of The Key of The Storm on sale via amazon if any of you fancy clicking the link on the novel title; if you would like to visit his blog please click on his name.  He is currently writing “The Recusant Who Never Recanted” & “The Child Who Died From Other Tales” and has just started blogging here at wordpress links to his previous site can also be found on his site. Although I am sure he will be posting a lot more of his previous poems and posts over to wordpress in the near future.  So without further ado here we go my first author interview……

So Darren Welcome to wordpress and to my little blog.  So I guess the first question should be how did you become a writer?

Hi, and many thanks for interviewing me.

How did I become a writer? To be honest by accident…a series of visions led me to start a journal purely as a cathartic exercise…it was never intended for publication…it just took on a life of its own…so to speak…and one thing led to another.

I know a little about you but for those not familiar with your work how would you describe it? Would you assign it to any particular genre?

My works are best described as journals of esoterical experiences such as astral projection , dreams , and visions . I use a lot of poetry to describe these subjects and /or the emotions involved also .

When you are not slaving away over the keyboard what do you like to read?

Most of the reading I get to do nowadays is unfortunately to check references and so on . The books I’m reading at the moment are
The Holy Blood And The Holy Grail , Bloodline Of The Holy Grail , Eliphas Levi’s The History Of Magic , the Lemegeton Clavicular Salomonis, and the Liber Al vel Legis }
The last books I read just for fun would include authors such as Bill Bryson , Terry Pratchett . More recently it was Plutarch’s Greek Lives , and Demonology by King James 1st .

Do you have any rituals around writing? A favourite place to work or a must have to hand item?

When I’m working I like to have a copious supply of black coffee at hand , backed up by an endless supply of Rothmans . If it’s getting late I like to have a glass of Rioja or the suchlike . If , and when it’s possible , I like to listen to Purcell , Wagner , or Albinoni to help me think ….but with three teenagers it usually produces howls or derision and so it tends to be when the house is empty . I can write anywhere where there’s a quiet spot to do so , and hopefully a comfy chair too .

Many of the people reading this are still struggling to find that elusive contract would you like to tell us how you got yours? Was it a first time hit or did you have those lovely rejections I have heard so much about to contend with first?

Getting published ; as I said , it was quite by accident … an old friend…one I hadn’t seen or heard from for 8 years got in contact and we started talking about the visions etc ( he was in fact the one who taught me how to recognize , understand , and control such things ) , After reading part of my journal he suggested I send it to a friend of his who was a publisher … I’ll admit the response received was a major shock . The manuscript I sent struck a cord with them … it took about 2 weeks and I had a contract and a request for both prequel and sequel . It’s still all rather surreal .

What was the last album you listened to?

The last album I listened to was an Eric Clapton compilation , the one before that was a Frank Sinatra best of . I only got away with it because my wife quite likes them too

What would you like the lovely bloggers out their to know about you?

What can I tell you about me ? I’m 45 , happily married with 3 teenage kids . I like to watch cricket and golf . My working life consisted of 26 years in the carpet trade until I was forced to retire through a spinal injury ..i’m registered as being disabled .
Personal beliefs … there are many Gods out there ..I’ll talk to them when they talk to me . To others I say believe in what you believe calls to you … in the end we’ll all find out one way or the other what the Truth is.

What question are you really glad I didn’t ask hehehehe?

A question that I wouldn’t have liked to have been asked …. can’t think of one …. I ‘m happy to talk to anyone ,anywhere . If anyone can think of a question , and I can give an answer .. why not ?

Finally do you have a favourite amongst the poems you have written you would like to share with us?

My favourite poem …. wow … that’s not easy … there’s 2 really ….one that I gave in response to a Jesuit Professor who called me a heretic ( which I found greatly amusing)

If insane I
So let it be
Who dares to dream
Such dreams
But me

The other poem is based on a vision mentioned in my book “The Key Of The Storm” …which was part of a chain of events that ultimately set me on this path


Night ,
Choose your masque
Hide my screams
For refuge sought
Within such dreams
Brings not succour
Nor timely respite
From the Wolf
That now follws
Eyes darkly bright
Fenrisulfr , he comes
His hunger impatient
Unbound now , unchained
With anger unsated

My thanks once more for the interview . If anyone would like to contact me with any other questions , or even to discuss their own experiences , then please feel free .

It has been my pleasure and again for anyone wanting to find out more about Darren Storer or read more of his work click his name to visit his page

May your Gods , whoever they may be , walk beside you always

D W Storer

Book Review – Scary Mary by S A Hunter

First let me state I am about 27 years too old to give a truly objective review on this book sadly but I will do my best to think back to my own teenage years and comment appropriately lol.

Being a teenager is tough but more so if like Mary you hear dead people.  Bullied at school called a freak she has abandoned hope of being accepted by anyone other than her only friend Rachel.  That is until the new boy arrives.  Could the good looking new boy really like her for herself?  Of course things never go smoothly the school bitch and the disbelieving populous all think Mary is playing a role to scare them when in truth she is the one with something to fear.

Okay so I don’t want to say to much more about the plot as this book was more of a novella than a full novel.  It is well written and as a teen I would have loved it.  I think it would be especially pertinent for those struggling to find acceptance for who they are.  It does of course feature many of the stereotypical characters you would expect the cheerleader, the jock but throw in a few you wouldn’t expect like a fortunetelling gran and a ghostly dog and it gets interesting.  There is a great thread of humour throughout the book which i think helps older readers to engage more.  I gave it 4 stars on good reads if I could would have been 3.5 and if i had still been thirteen would have been a 5 so I thought that was a fair score.  Probably one for adults to grab as a freebie for a beach read but would certainly buy for my daughter if she were younger.