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Respite from the Storms

I got up this morning to bright sunny skies and the thrilling sight that this little blog had reached the 500 hundred views mark.  A little happy dance was in order so I did a few twirls then remembered I hadn’t taken the painkillers for my back yet and sat down.  Normally I do a sunday photo blog but as I had the awards blog to do yesterday I didn’t get round to it. So I decided today I would take the camera with me.  Now one thing I should explain at this point is my toddler aslo known as the Monster has speech problems so twice a week he attends a special sppech therapy nursery.  Until last week I used the time to sit in a spare room there and work on my novel now they have the builders in so I am forced to go wandering.  So this is how my day went……waiting outside for the taxi to travel to the nursery I decided to snap a few pics of how fresh everything looked with the dew still on it.

So a few photos later the taxi arrives after a short drive we arrive at the nursery where I drop the Monster off.  Now with a couple of hours to kill I decide to have a walk to the near by supermarket for breakfast.  I know there is supposed to be a short cut nearby but unsure I decided to check it out from the other end on the way back.  It also gave me the opportunity to take a peek into a little wooded foot path further down the hill which the taxi drives past.

I again snap off a few pics before making my way round on the main road to the supermarket.  It is here I prove being blonde is not about hair colour.  I dye my hair blonde because it covers the grey which has invaded my chestnut locks and means as more goes grey I have to dye it less.  Off I trundle to the hole in the wall, check the balance thats okay funds available (I had only remembered to bring one card the one that had real money in lay at home on the computer.)  Clicked withdraw £10 then promptly took the card back and walked away sans cash.  The lovely person behind me kindly did not bother alerting me to this fact and slipped it in their pocket. I am not a bitter person but believe in karma and I hope karma choked them on whatever they spent it on.  So into the supermarket for breakfast which tasted bland possibly due to the knowledge gained at the checkout that I had left the said tenner in the machine.

So after drinking my coffee I set off in search of the shortcut.  I quickly realised that what I actually found was not a shortcut but a haven in the midst of suberbia.  Technically not a public footpath, the council had stuck up a sign to accept people may cross it as long as they did no harm (which of course some people had done, dont they know some people see these sorts of signs as a challenge.)

So after exploring a little I sit down on a rock and pull out the notepad and write down a few of my thoughts some just for this blog others to be used in my novel or at a later date.  I still have over an hour until it is time to collect the Monster and get the taxi home. I love these sorts of places, I feel at home here, at peace.  Could I ever abandon my creature comforts to live in this sort of place full time, hell no, but one day I would love a house surrounded by the wilderness on all sides.  I watch as birds flit in and out the trees, their songs echoing against the babbling brook.  I block out the noise from the main road only a few hundred feet away and the hum from a factory I know is a little way over in one direction and I let nature tell me her story.  Everywhere there are signs of human invasion, litter dropped and blacken piles where fires have been set, but nature will slowly but surely earased these as she has other invasions into her space.

As I sit here I spot a guy dashing through the trees, wearing a hoodie dog lead in hand.  I look across at him and he looks at me, a furtive glance suggesting neither of us should be here.  A crashing to the other side of me then draws my attention I turn to find myself face to face with a big tan pittie.  He stops his face a few inches from mine and briefly seems to look into my soul before bounding away tail wagging after his master.  I do wonder at times if I am a little silly for putting myself in these places.  After all I am sat there on my own well out of shouting distance for help with a bag containing (today anyway) camera, phone, purse, and my kindle but for some reason I never feel threatened when I am in these places.  It is as if some greater force had willed be to be there and by her protection I am safe. and yes you did read right I said her.  I am not big on religions of any shape or form and hate conforming to any label, but if pushed to give an answer I would say I am now a pretty fully fledged pagan.  I believe in a mother Goddess who guides nature and us if we will only connect ourselves to the planet.  I respect everyone has the right to follow their own path whatever that may be as long as it harms no others.  But that is straying a little from the subject which is me sat alone in the woods.  My other half has pointed out many times this is not the brightest thing to do and I know sadly he is right.  Which leads me on to the next thoughts I had why when we see someone now do we automatically question their intentions, this poor guy was only walking his dog, yet in my mind however briefly numerous none to nice thoughts about what he could be up to ran through.  Am I alone in thinking that really shows the sad state of humanity in the world now when we look at people not as people but as threats? I would have posted more pics but it seems i am out of space. I hope you enjoyed sharing my morning with me, how was your morning today?



6 thoughts on “Respite from the Storms

  1. Well my day started off kinda bad, I was extremely sore and very stiff, but my day did improve. After waking and gathering my bearings I had some running around to do, first of which was to stop at the cash machine, and upon walking up on it I noticed that some grey haired old lady left me a nice crisp Ten dollar bill in the machine for me. I thought about chasing her down and letting her know, but she looked like a Tree Hugging Heathen so I let karma do its thing as she walked away!! So I came home and bought myself 100 gems with my free 10 bucks!!


    1. Ahhh Wendell its a good job I know it wasn’t you behind me at the cash point or payback would be very expensive for you lol and who you calling old you are older than me!!!!!!!!!!


    1. Thankyou I love playing with the camera and I also find some of the images I snap help me when I write, when I get stuck I put the slide show on and it helps me relax and refocus if i can’t actually get out and go for a wander


      1. interesting technique u got there…as for me, when i brainstorm for screenwriting, i act out the scenes so I can write it down…its hard to picture it in my head because things start popping in my head and i start getting buncha ideas…btw i think photography is fun! 😛


      2. with me I am one of those and sees the pictures and story in my head, maybe I am a little too self concious to act it out, so sometimes it all gets a little stuck or muddled so looking at the slide show is a little like changing the channel and distracts me until I am ready to go flip back and get back into it. I guess we all have strange quirks and rituals that help us


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