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My First Award

I went on my break yesterday and while checking out my messages on my phone i spotted one I had to read twice. I had been nominated for a blog award. Now at the time I was stood shivering in the carpark at work having a quick cig in the rain, it was hard not to do a little happy dance right there and then.  So now I have to follow the guidelines and and fulfil the award requirements so here we go if I do not mention your blog it is not because I dont love it, it is because I am just so giddy with excitment I cant think straight.


Okay so the first thing I need to do is thank Bird for thinking me worthy of a nomination. I have only been blogging a couple of weeks so it came as a huge suprise when someone with such a huge following singled me out.  I love her blog although we may not share the same beliefs I find her humility, honesty and humanity inspiring.  She not only shares her own life but reaches out a helping hand to others and if I could renominate her I would so here is the link to her blog

Everyone Has a Story

Just discovered I actually had a double nomination as Jennifer also nominated me soo thankyou to her as well another site who I look forward to visiting and love for her honesty in what she writes

A Life Worth Living

Now 7 things about me hmmmm….

1. Even though I now consider myself a pagan I went to sunday school as a child (by choice) and I still love wandering round churches.

2. I love thunderstorms and run out and spin in the rain when they start.

3. A lot of the times I prefer animals to people, they are far more honest than most humans.

4. I was a nerd I loved school.

5. I make an amazing bolognese.

6. I blush when I write the naughty bits in my novel sometimes.

7. It has taken me the full forty years of my time on this earth to truly find who I am

Not sure if those are the sort of things you want to know but just realised how hard it is to pick out things about your self that other people might actually be interested in lol

now the next bit to nominate a firther 15 people given my short time as part of the blogging community this is not as hard as I though as I haven’t as many blogs to choose from as others yet lol

Sooooo here we go….

1.  Elegant Equine Images  Paul Hodgson is an amazing photographer and this is a new blog site he has set up for his latest favorite subject so if you love horses or photography it is worth a click. He is also a very generous person who rather than keeping his professional secrets to himself has produced a series of videos to share his knowledge with others.

2.  M.S. Fowle I have just read her book Nora’s Sun and was blown away by it and her blogs are every bit as good. A great mix of subject on there and she is as generous with her comments as she is talented.

3. What can I say about Kyle that has not been said before.He comes with a fully fledged 18 rating but is charming, funny  and very very naughty

4. Pete Armetta/ I am not the biggest fan of poetry but I love this stuff this guy writes. He is also  a contributing writer to the next blog.

5. The River  some really interesting articles mixed with amazing artwork and photographs

6. I could recommend her just to follow her on/off relationship with vodka but the rest of her posts a re just as brilliant.

7.  Melissa M.Wolff Book reviews, restaurant reviews, articles and poems all in one place what more could you want.

8. Shady Dreams 2.0 amazing short stories

9.  Robotic Rhetoric Witty and very talented, short stories and reflections on life.

10. anaslense today is her last day blogging although I hope she misses it and comes back soon lovely daily posts of photos I always look forward to seeing.

11.Mixxed not Stirred short stories and excerpts from her novels a must read.

12. Rediscovering a Stolen Life A very honest introspective to lifes hurdles and overcoming them.

13. My Body the City: The Secret Life of a Callgirl Brutally honest look at the seedier side of life and the truth behind prostitution from the inside.

14. suggestivetongue everything you could ever want to know about sex and a lot you would have never thought about asking about.

15. Inside the mind of a fantasy writer Am sure Heidi has been nominated for this loads of times but I do so just for the fact she has shared a whole novel with us which I am hooked on reading.

So thats my acceptance thankyou soo much and all that leaves me is to notify those I have nominated and publish the rules,

VBA Rules

If you are nominated, you’ve been awarded the Versatile Blogger award.

  •  Thank the person who gave you this award.
  •  Include a link to their blog.
  •  Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly.
  •  Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award
  •  Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

23 thoughts on “My First Award

    1. Highlight any word you want, then click on the little button in the options that looks like a figure 8 (or a metal chain link). Then insert the web address (url) into the small menu that pops up. Oh, yeah and thanks for the award! I saw you were nominated the other day by Jennifer for this same award! You should swing by her site and say thanks 😉


      1. ohhh I never saw that which page is Jennifer’s so I can go check it out I tend to be a little lax at keeping up on blogs over the weekend with work and family


  1. I’m glad you accepted the award! I did want to point out that my site is – Everyone Has A Story

    I think you might have grabbed the wrong address. Congratulations on your award!!



      1. When you copy the urls, and you need to insert them in your post, click the button that you use to insert a pic. When it pulls up, click the second tab at the top — It will say “From URL”.You will see where you can choose Image or Audio,Video, or URL. Click the second one. Put the url address in the first space, and whatever the title is in the second space. Let me know if you have any other questions.


  2. congratulations paula, you really deserve it. yay!
    i don’t do the awards thing but thank you for nominating me, i am flattered to the point of physical arousal – i love your seven things by the way and just for you here are seven things of mine:

    1, i could read at three, i taught myself apparently
    2, i don’t follow everybody that follows me
    3, i am an atheist but like religious buildings and music
    4, i missed my chance at love
    5, it took me a full forty years to find out who i am
    6, i can’t count to seven


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