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I Admit it I Love the 80’s

It’s 1am and I can’t sleep which is a real pain as I have to be up in a few hours for work.  I will probably post this once I get home and have time to read through it (and see straight enough to spell properly).  I guess everyone has an era they are nostalgic for, mine is the 80’s. I grew up through them, had my first boyfriend, experienced heartbreak for the first time. Of course it was not real heartbreak but at the time I was devasted for a whole week.  Life was so much simpler then even though as a teenager we manage to make a drama out of everything.

As I have just fugured out how to embed videos (Yay me beating the technology pixie again!!!) I thought it would be fun to share some of the things that make me smile when I think of the 80’s and also it gives me an excuse to drool over a certain base player.

So where to start with the 80’s well I suppose with what I am watching as I sit writing.

It has been a long time since I watched this and I think I had forgotten how dark some of it is.  Yes there is the great soundtrack and comedic moments but it was probably the first time (watching as a teenager) that the phrase ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ Before the invention of the internet and social networking so much of what happened behind doors stayed there.  We might have know one or two people that we knew had problems at home but did we ever really question it. The idea that a group of diverse people all shared common ground rarely if ever would have crossed our minds.  But if we are honest we still thought out own problems where far more important even if they were just how to get the cute guy to realise you existed.

One of my favourite films I still love now is still Pretty in Pink I guess that is partly due to the fact for us brits there was nothing as glamourous as proms it was a disco in the school hall in the afternoon last day of term or if you were really lucky there might have been a local youth club to show off your moves in but the clothing was far less impressive.


Staying with 80’s viewing of course you cannot miss out Fame the film that had us all wanting to dance on taxi’s and believing we could all sing and dance.  Okay I could dance but the singing trust me you would rather hear a catfight in your yard at 2am rather than hear me sing.  I wanted to be Lori Singer and play the cello, unfortunately being tone deaf is a slight hinderance to this ambition the only instrument I ever mastered was the triangle.  By no means was this the only film to have me prancing round my bedroom Footloose (turns out dad’s get upset by you jumping off the bed Kevin Bacon style), Flashdance (wish I had realised she used a double before attempting the sumersault).  There was one common theme apart from the dancing and music here can you guess….yes its the legwarmers.  No self respecting 80’s girl did not possess at least two pairs of these strange woolly articles, depending on what you had been watching depended if you wore them as a pair or wore odd ones preferably in bright neon colours.

Now I did debate how much I should discuss the fashion but decided that is one closet door I will leave closed for now.  After all if you were there I need only say a few words and you will collectively cringe in rememberance. If you weren’t well it’s better you are left unscarred.  Here we go….big hair, big shoulder pads, chinos, peddlepushers, rahrah skirts, puffleball skirts, bolero jackets, bangles so far up your arm you couldn’t bend it.  Doc martins with Grolsch bottle tops, tank tops, batwing jumpers, eyeliner for the guys.  I know I will have missed loads but I am traumatised enough by those memories.

But what really made the music was the soundtrack.  The music that even today has me singing along and my daughter screaming for me to shut up.  Last year I finally fulfilled one of my lifes ambitions and saw Duran Duran live. I was transformed to a screaming teenager again and hell those guys are still damn sexy especially a certain base player.There are so many great songs, groups and singers I loved in the 80’s it would be impossible to list them all, but think Madonna, Michael Jackson (before we realised just how strange he was) Prince, Guns and Roses (I love Sweet Child of Mine) Bon Jovi, Aerosmith teaming with Run DMC.  And so many others but the highlight in many ways musically of the 80’s has to be Live Aid. The combinations that appeared on the stages across the globe still make me smile Madonna being a backing singer for the Thompson twins was something than given there future careers seems amazing.

It is now sunday as I didn’t get chance to finish this blog before and I posted a question on fb asking about the 80’s here are a few things that others remember some of course may only apply to people reading from the UK

LIVE AID! Nik Kershaw the birth of Eastenders. Cabbage patch dolls,Care Bears, GOING LIVE!

Madonna, Kajagoogoo, Tiswas, spit the dog, Top of the Pops, Five Star, leg warmers, fluorescent socks! Those were the days

Gordon T Gopher!! nuff said

the first thing that comes to mind when I think 80’s is “Dancing on the Ceiling”. And since Gary Richrath is from Peoria, I always liked REO Speedwagon, and Cheap Trick is from a town about 100 or so miles north – so liked them too.

So what was you decade? If you were an 80’s Kid did I miss you favorite memory I will leave you with a song from my favorite band

6 thoughts on “I Admit it I Love the 80’s

  1. Errrrr…..well… After much thought as my teens were the 60’s, for me the only good thing about the 80’s was laughing at the “youngsters”, Although it did herald the start of Satellite Broadcating in the UK.


  2. I was an 80s/90s kid. I was watching cartoons (Merrie Melodies) and sitcoms like Punky Brewster (my idol at the time) in the 80s, but enjoyed Breakfast Club and Pretty in Pink as a teen in the 90s. I do remember religiously playing the Footloose soundtrack on my record player (glad I’m not the only one who remembers having a turn table), singing and dancing along in my room. I know every word to every song from that film!
    What do you think of Hollywood remaking all those 80s movies we loved so much? When I saw they remade Footloose, I took a stand and refused to see it. I just disagree with remaking a classic like that. If they decide to remake Goonies, I say we protest!
    Thanks for these moments of nostalgia! 🙂


    1. I also refuse point blank to watch the remakes can you believe they are actually doing a remake of dity dancing so blantently obvious that it is about money not trying to improve on a film.


  3. 80’s girl, here! Always good to meet a kindred spirit, Paula! “The Breakfast Club” soundtrack is one of my personal favorites and one of the best soundtracks ever made!

    I went to Chicago for the first time a couple of years ago. It was so great to walk the halls of what was “Breakfast Club” high school, and to see locations where “Ferris Bueller” and “Sixteen Candles” were filmed. (My profile photo was taken in front of the church where the sister’s wedding occurs in 16 candles. LOL!)

    As far as film opinions, these are classic films and should not be remade.


  4. I lived through them too and am too fond of them! 🙂 I actually watched Pretty in Pink last night believe it or not, and switching to another channel and watching Mannequin (I know you know it).

    Times have changed and now I feel like my father. Saying “back when I was a kid…” 🙂

    Great post, got me sentimental haha


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