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Lyme Park, Cheshire, UK

As promised for Heidi a Sunday Photo Blog of another stately home I visited last year. It is also the home of the famous lake out of which the gorgeous Colin Firth appeared in the BBC Adaptation of Pride & Prejudice.  It is not the most impressive of homes inside. It is not as large as Chatsworth or as imposing as Burleigh but from outside it is breathtaking and that lake well even without Mr Darcy emerging you could happily sit beside it for hours.  Surrounded by miles of park land you can ramble through there was far too much to explore in one day and I shall be returning.  also my camera batteries died in the Orangarie so I have to lol.



Last two pics are of my daughter the first on the bridge in the garden and the second by the smaller lake next to the old sawmill buildings which are now a shop and a cafe

Me gazing out over the lake waiting for Mr Darcy to appear, sadly despite me throwing a few coins in the wishing well he stood me up.

Sat in the rose Garden.

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