Away Days · Tuesday Reflections


Was looking through some photos today and thought I would share a few of my favourite photos I took at Chatsworth last December.  These ones are all taken in the grounds I can not wait to go back again and explore more.  The one let down was that the beautiful waterfall had been spoilt by a horrid modern sculpture which I can only describe as a primary coloured triffid, I do hope this will be gone when I return.  For those around the world who are not aware of Chatsworth it is one of the locations that is used in Pride and Prejudice and is mentioned by Jane Austen in her novel. It is the place which is alleged to have inspired her description of the fictional Pemberley.


5 thoughts on “Chatsworth

    1. As it was just before Christmas I was lucky enough that it came dark in time for me to get the last couple of shots just before it was time to leave. The place is so huge there was not time to explore it all so hope to go back again soon


      1. I think I will make sunday photo blog day have literally thousands of pics on my computer Will do Lyme Park another Pride and Prejudice location for you next sunday


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