Respite from the Storms

I got up this morning to bright sunny skies and the thrilling sight that this little blog had reached the 500 hundred views mark.  A little happy dance was in order so I did a few twirls then remembered I hadn’t taken the painkillers for my back yet and sat down.  Normally I do a sunday photo blog but as I had the awards blog to do yesterday I didn’t get round to it. So I decided today I would take the camera with me.  Now one thing I should explain at this point is my toddler aslo known as the Monster has speech problems so twice a week he attends a special sppech therapy nursery.  Until last week I used the time to sit in a spare room there and work on my novel now they have the builders in so I am forced to go wandering.  So this is how my day went……waiting outside for the taxi to travel to the nursery I decided to snap a few pics of how fresh everything looked with the dew still on it.

So a few photos later the taxi arrives after a short drive we arrive at the nursery where I drop the Monster off.  Now with a couple of hours to kill I decide to have a walk to the near by supermarket for breakfast.  I know there is supposed to be a short cut nearby but unsure I decided to check it out from the other end on the way back.  It also gave me the opportunity to take a peek into a little wooded foot path further down the hill which the taxi drives past.

I again snap off a few pics before making my way round on the main road to the supermarket.  It is here I prove being blonde is not about hair colour.  I dye my hair blonde because it covers the grey which has invaded my chestnut locks and means as more goes grey I have to dye it less.  Off I trundle to the hole in the wall, check the balance thats okay funds available (I had only remembered to bring one card the one that had real money in lay at home on the computer.)  Clicked withdraw £10 then promptly took the card back and walked away sans cash.  The lovely person behind me kindly did not bother alerting me to this fact and slipped it in their pocket. I am not a bitter person but believe in karma and I hope karma choked them on whatever they spent it on.  So into the supermarket for breakfast which tasted bland possibly due to the knowledge gained at the checkout that I had left the said tenner in the machine.

So after drinking my coffee I set off in search of the shortcut.  I quickly realised that what I actually found was not a shortcut but a haven in the midst of suberbia.  Technically not a public footpath, the council had stuck up a sign to accept people may cross it as long as they did no harm (which of course some people had done, dont they know some people see these sorts of signs as a challenge.)

So after exploring a little I sit down on a rock and pull out the notepad and write down a few of my thoughts some just for this blog others to be used in my novel or at a later date.  I still have over an hour until it is time to collect the Monster and get the taxi home. I love these sorts of places, I feel at home here, at peace.  Could I ever abandon my creature comforts to live in this sort of place full time, hell no, but one day I would love a house surrounded by the wilderness on all sides.  I watch as birds flit in and out the trees, their songs echoing against the babbling brook.  I block out the noise from the main road only a few hundred feet away and the hum from a factory I know is a little way over in one direction and I let nature tell me her story.  Everywhere there are signs of human invasion, litter dropped and blacken piles where fires have been set, but nature will slowly but surely earased these as she has other invasions into her space.

As I sit here I spot a guy dashing through the trees, wearing a hoodie dog lead in hand.  I look across at him and he looks at me, a furtive glance suggesting neither of us should be here.  A crashing to the other side of me then draws my attention I turn to find myself face to face with a big tan pittie.  He stops his face a few inches from mine and briefly seems to look into my soul before bounding away tail wagging after his master.  I do wonder at times if I am a little silly for putting myself in these places.  After all I am sat there on my own well out of shouting distance for help with a bag containing (today anyway) camera, phone, purse, and my kindle but for some reason I never feel threatened when I am in these places.  It is as if some greater force had willed be to be there and by her protection I am safe. and yes you did read right I said her.  I am not big on religions of any shape or form and hate conforming to any label, but if pushed to give an answer I would say I am now a pretty fully fledged pagan.  I believe in a mother Goddess who guides nature and us if we will only connect ourselves to the planet.  I respect everyone has the right to follow their own path whatever that may be as long as it harms no others.  But that is straying a little from the subject which is me sat alone in the woods.  My other half has pointed out many times this is not the brightest thing to do and I know sadly he is right.  Which leads me on to the next thoughts I had why when we see someone now do we automatically question their intentions, this poor guy was only walking his dog, yet in my mind however briefly numerous none to nice thoughts about what he could be up to ran through.  Am I alone in thinking that really shows the sad state of humanity in the world now when we look at people not as people but as threats? I would have posted more pics but it seems i am out of space. I hope you enjoyed sharing my morning with me, how was your morning today?




My First Award

I went on my break yesterday and while checking out my messages on my phone i spotted one I had to read twice. I had been nominated for a blog award. Now at the time I was stood shivering in the carpark at work having a quick cig in the rain, it was hard not to do a little happy dance right there and then.  So now I have to follow the guidelines and and fulfil the award requirements so here we go if I do not mention your blog it is not because I dont love it, it is because I am just so giddy with excitment I cant think straight.


Okay so the first thing I need to do is thank Bird for thinking me worthy of a nomination. I have only been blogging a couple of weeks so it came as a huge suprise when someone with such a huge following singled me out.  I love her blog although we may not share the same beliefs I find her humility, honesty and humanity inspiring.  She not only shares her own life but reaches out a helping hand to others and if I could renominate her I would so here is the link to her blog

Everyone Has a Story

Just discovered I actually had a double nomination as Jennifer also nominated me soo thankyou to her as well another site who I look forward to visiting and love for her honesty in what she writes

A Life Worth Living

Now 7 things about me hmmmm….

1. Even though I now consider myself a pagan I went to sunday school as a child (by choice) and I still love wandering round churches.

2. I love thunderstorms and run out and spin in the rain when they start.

3. A lot of the times I prefer animals to people, they are far more honest than most humans.

4. I was a nerd I loved school.

5. I make an amazing bolognese.

6. I blush when I write the naughty bits in my novel sometimes.

7. It has taken me the full forty years of my time on this earth to truly find who I am

Not sure if those are the sort of things you want to know but just realised how hard it is to pick out things about your self that other people might actually be interested in lol

now the next bit to nominate a firther 15 people given my short time as part of the blogging community this is not as hard as I though as I haven’t as many blogs to choose from as others yet lol

Sooooo here we go….

1.  Elegant Equine Images  Paul Hodgson is an amazing photographer and this is a new blog site he has set up for his latest favorite subject so if you love horses or photography it is worth a click. He is also a very generous person who rather than keeping his professional secrets to himself has produced a series of videos to share his knowledge with others.

2.  M.S. Fowle I have just read her book Nora’s Sun and was blown away by it and her blogs are every bit as good. A great mix of subject on there and she is as generous with her comments as she is talented.

3. What can I say about Kyle that has not been said before.He comes with a fully fledged 18 rating but is charming, funny  and very very naughty

4. Pete Armetta/ I am not the biggest fan of poetry but I love this stuff this guy writes. He is also  a contributing writer to the next blog.

5. The River  some really interesting articles mixed with amazing artwork and photographs

6. I could recommend her just to follow her on/off relationship with vodka but the rest of her posts a re just as brilliant.

7.  Melissa M.Wolff Book reviews, restaurant reviews, articles and poems all in one place what more could you want.

8. Shady Dreams 2.0 amazing short stories

9.  Robotic Rhetoric Witty and very talented, short stories and reflections on life.

10. anaslense today is her last day blogging although I hope she misses it and comes back soon lovely daily posts of photos I always look forward to seeing.

11.Mixxed not Stirred short stories and excerpts from her novels a must read.

12. Rediscovering a Stolen Life A very honest introspective to lifes hurdles and overcoming them.

13. My Body the City: The Secret Life of a Callgirl Brutally honest look at the seedier side of life and the truth behind prostitution from the inside.

14. suggestivetongue everything you could ever want to know about sex and a lot you would have never thought about asking about.

15. Inside the mind of a fantasy writer Am sure Heidi has been nominated for this loads of times but I do so just for the fact she has shared a whole novel with us which I am hooked on reading.

So thats my acceptance thankyou soo much and all that leaves me is to notify those I have nominated and publish the rules,

VBA Rules

If you are nominated, you’ve been awarded the Versatile Blogger award.

  •  Thank the person who gave you this award.
  •  Include a link to their blog.
  •  Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly.
  •  Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award
  •  Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

I Admit it I Love the 80’s

It’s 1am and I can’t sleep which is a real pain as I have to be up in a few hours for work.  I will probably post this once I get home and have time to read through it (and see straight enough to spell properly).  I guess everyone has an era they are nostalgic for, mine is the 80’s. I grew up through them, had my first boyfriend, experienced heartbreak for the first time. Of course it was not real heartbreak but at the time I was devasted for a whole week.  Life was so much simpler then even though as a teenager we manage to make a drama out of everything.

As I have just fugured out how to embed videos (Yay me beating the technology pixie again!!!) I thought it would be fun to share some of the things that make me smile when I think of the 80’s and also it gives me an excuse to drool over a certain base player.

So where to start with the 80’s well I suppose with what I am watching as I sit writing.

It has been a long time since I watched this and I think I had forgotten how dark some of it is.  Yes there is the great soundtrack and comedic moments but it was probably the first time (watching as a teenager) that the phrase ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ Before the invention of the internet and social networking so much of what happened behind doors stayed there.  We might have know one or two people that we knew had problems at home but did we ever really question it. The idea that a group of diverse people all shared common ground rarely if ever would have crossed our minds.  But if we are honest we still thought out own problems where far more important even if they were just how to get the cute guy to realise you existed.

One of my favourite films I still love now is still Pretty in Pink I guess that is partly due to the fact for us brits there was nothing as glamourous as proms it was a disco in the school hall in the afternoon last day of term or if you were really lucky there might have been a local youth club to show off your moves in but the clothing was far less impressive.


Staying with 80’s viewing of course you cannot miss out Fame the film that had us all wanting to dance on taxi’s and believing we could all sing and dance.  Okay I could dance but the singing trust me you would rather hear a catfight in your yard at 2am rather than hear me sing.  I wanted to be Lori Singer and play the cello, unfortunately being tone deaf is a slight hinderance to this ambition the only instrument I ever mastered was the triangle.  By no means was this the only film to have me prancing round my bedroom Footloose (turns out dad’s get upset by you jumping off the bed Kevin Bacon style), Flashdance (wish I had realised she used a double before attempting the sumersault).  There was one common theme apart from the dancing and music here can you guess….yes its the legwarmers.  No self respecting 80’s girl did not possess at least two pairs of these strange woolly articles, depending on what you had been watching depended if you wore them as a pair or wore odd ones preferably in bright neon colours.

Now I did debate how much I should discuss the fashion but decided that is one closet door I will leave closed for now.  After all if you were there I need only say a few words and you will collectively cringe in rememberance. If you weren’t well it’s better you are left unscarred.  Here we go….big hair, big shoulder pads, chinos, peddlepushers, rahrah skirts, puffleball skirts, bolero jackets, bangles so far up your arm you couldn’t bend it.  Doc martins with Grolsch bottle tops, tank tops, batwing jumpers, eyeliner for the guys.  I know I will have missed loads but I am traumatised enough by those memories.

But what really made the music was the soundtrack.  The music that even today has me singing along and my daughter screaming for me to shut up.  Last year I finally fulfilled one of my lifes ambitions and saw Duran Duran live. I was transformed to a screaming teenager again and hell those guys are still damn sexy especially a certain base player.There are so many great songs, groups and singers I loved in the 80’s it would be impossible to list them all, but think Madonna, Michael Jackson (before we realised just how strange he was) Prince, Guns and Roses (I love Sweet Child of Mine) Bon Jovi, Aerosmith teaming with Run DMC.  And so many others but the highlight in many ways musically of the 80’s has to be Live Aid. The combinations that appeared on the stages across the globe still make me smile Madonna being a backing singer for the Thompson twins was something than given there future careers seems amazing.

It is now sunday as I didn’t get chance to finish this blog before and I posted a question on fb asking about the 80’s here are a few things that others remember some of course may only apply to people reading from the UK

LIVE AID! Nik Kershaw the birth of Eastenders. Cabbage patch dolls,Care Bears, GOING LIVE!

Madonna, Kajagoogoo, Tiswas, spit the dog, Top of the Pops, Five Star, leg warmers, fluorescent socks! Those were the days

Gordon T Gopher!! nuff said

the first thing that comes to mind when I think 80’s is “Dancing on the Ceiling”. And since Gary Richrath is from Peoria, I always liked REO Speedwagon, and Cheap Trick is from a town about 100 or so miles north – so liked them too.

So what was you decade? If you were an 80’s Kid did I miss you favorite memory I will leave you with a song from my favorite band

Book Review – Tallis (Books of Andresium #1) By M. C. Rae

I have to say on the whole I loved this book I really only have one reservation which I will come to later.  The characters are well written and complex, from the enigmatic Loren Tallis who holds their fates in her hands to the enamoured mortal Tarameen.  Tallis is a creature of fate, her very being tied into what she is destined to do.  The question of whether one can ever truly escape their fate is never a simple one and although Tallis believes she has found a way sadly only heartbreak awaits her.


The author has created her own world for this battle of powers, each side having its own special abilities.  I personally love the descriptions of the Loren dwellings hanging high from cliff edges.  The romantic notion of this type of dwelling is dispelled as we come to understand the reasons for this isolation and the political dimensions of this world where the few live at the expense of the masses.

The battle of power hangs precariously in the balance with Gods, Immortals and Mortals alike happy to betray, manipulate to achieve their own ends.   It is easy to see the word God and think of an all seeing powerful being watching out over his mortal children.  This is far from the case here the gods are self serving politicians using others in a living game of chess to achieve their own ends in an attempt to regain the upper hand in the power struggle.  The immortals by in large are grasping opportunists not satisfied by having immortality themselves the desire the two words that hold the power of life and death that the Loren guards.  Magic has become a means to an end and is more often than not wasted on those who have the gift.  The mortal Tarameen is an exception to this born of low parentage his natural ability singles him out but this is where my little problem comes in.

My only criticism is that this at times feels much more like a second or third book, while some of the questions are resolved I personally would have loved a prequel exploring the bond between the relationship between the Loren and the mortal.  That Tarameen is naturally gifted as a sorcerer explains part of why Tallis is drawn to him but I would love to have seen more of the way the bond between them grew.  I want to know what it was that made her decide to make him her apprentice and when they fell in love.   Likewise I would have loved more of Tallis’s life before the summons which changes their destinies.  I don’t necessarily mean the actual becoming immortal bit because some of that is revealed in the book but  more about her relationships with the other characters in the build up to the events.

I do still highly recommend this book and look forward to reading more possibly some of my unanswered questions will find resolution in the rest of the series.  Maybe I am just greedy and when I enjoy a book want more. This book cries out to be upgraded from a novella to a full blown novel.

Just a side note I have realised that if I keep tagging all the names of authors as I do reviews my tag list is going to get wild so instead I will tag the genres I think apply best and incase anyone thinks from my first reviews it is just a lovefest i will be posting some reviews I have done previously that didn’t fair quite so well.


I sit head pressed against the cold windowpane,

My forehead numbed from contact with the glass.

But nothing comes close to the chill in my heart,

Frozen by your absence, and pain.

The tears stream down my face,

Reflected by the raindrops as they

Meander downwards searching, yearning

To join together as one.

Yet they run parallel an empty void between them

Each isolated in their journeys

I long to feel your breath against my cheek.

To entwine my fingers in yours.

To feel your heartbeat in time with mine,

As one.

A glint of sun breaks through the clouds.

Weary eyes strain to see.

Is that you?

My angel.

Looking down for me.


Wet Weather Greetings

Well yet another day of rain.  Is it just me or does the sight of grey miserable skies diminish creativity? Or maybe it is simply that a stir crazy toddler desperate to run free does not leave my brain time to wander.  Right now we are sat watching yet another Thomas the Tank Engine Dvd and I will confess I am rapidly reaching the point where a ten train pile up on Sodor is getting rather appealing. 


I just want to take a few seconds here to thank everyone who is dropping by to check out my posts and those special few especially who have deemed what I write worth following.  It may seem strange that having the approval of people who I may never cross paths with matters so much but it does.  Family and friends although honest in some cases can also be guilty of sugar coating their words and in one or two cases give undue praise. To have someone who does not know you or have any vested interest in keeping you happy give you their approval validates your ability to produce something worth reading.  I also want to thank here my fb friends who are reading along with my novel as I write it for their patience and faith in me each of them was selected for their knowledge and the fact they are some of the people I know are capable of being brutally honest with me lol and I love them all the more for it.

I had hoped to complete another chapter this morning but with Thomas tooting in the background and the toddler demanding I pay attention to Toby this does not look likely. Instead I sit here typing a few words at a time between interruptions.  The novel is nearing completion then I start the process of editing not something I am looking forward to.  I have always known how and where this novel would end but as I draw closer to writing those lines I find myself putting it off a little. Is this normal? Or should I be racing towards it ready to start another journey? Its my first novel so I really have no idea how I should feel about this. I don’t even know if there is a normal maybe every book is different I know there are some of you reading this far more qualified to answer that question.


Book Review – Scorpio Rising (The Scorpio Series, #1) by Monique Domovitch

From the outset these two damaged children grab your attention and demand their stories be heard. Opposites in the way their abuse has affected them, you are aware from very early on they are destined to meet, but the intricate web that is woven around them as they draw closer leaves you spellbound. For me the mark of a good book it that you are content to follow the journey without feeling the urge to skip ahead to see what happens and I can honestly say I read this start to finish without once feeling the need.

At times the two main characters are hard to feel sympathy for despite knowing their backgrounds, Alex at times can seem arrogant and Brigitte’s naivety frustrating, yet it is a true reflection of the survival mechanisms used by many abuse victims. In spite of their faults you find yourself hoping they can find a way to help each other heal while at the same time wondering if these two complex characters can ever put their pasts behind them to allow themselves happiness.watching the characters grow from children to adults you are drawn into in their worlds.  While Brigitte attempts to flee from her abuse Alex uses his to further his owm ambition.  This is in part i think due to the different form abuse takes.  The author explores the comsequences of these different forms of abuse in how the characters develop and the way she deals with their transitions from vistim to survivors.  However, she does this subtely and at times you do question where either of the two main characters can ever truely escape either pasts.  The surrounding characters are also well dealt with, it would be easy with two such strong main characters for the other to pale in the background yet they are so skillfully written you quickly get an insight into their motivations.

The two different locations of Paris and New York are perfectly suited to the character that inhabits it and reflects the question of whether destiny is being kind in bringing them together or whether their differences will be too great for them to ever be truly happy.  By using dual locations it also enhances the question of how two people fit into each others lives the ways that each must compromise to give the relationship a chance of working or whether some barriers are simply to great.  That in the context of the time when they meet Brigitte is the more successful of the two throws in an extra dynamic, Although Alex through his saving is financially perhaps better off, his aspirations have yet to be fulfilled and one cannot help but speculate how the future will play out.  You do find yourself rooting out for them hoping that they can make it work yet deep down doubting they can. 

I can honestly say I was left wanting more and was hugely relieved to see there was a sequel. I would recommend this book whole heartedly.


There is a Storm Coming

There is a storm coming

I can smell it in the air

You laugh dismissively

Look up at clear blue skies.

But I shake my head, I know

There is a storm coming.

I cannot explain why

I connect to the earth

When you do not, or

Should that be will not?

You will not lie in the grass

And listen the her call.

Nor watch the clouds

Metamorphosis as they

Pass by over our heads.

You look but do not see

You hear but do not listen.

You take all she offers

But never pause to give thanks.

There is a storm coming

Nature’s hissy fit.

Her way of reminding us

Just who’s this planet is.

With thunderous voice

She shouts but falls on deaf ears.

The more violently she protests

Our attention to attain.

There is a storm coming

Tell me do you hear?


Snapshots of a brook

As part of yesterdays stressful day we went out for a meal at a local pub while the teenager was watching the toddler in the ball pool I took a few minutes out to go for a stroll behind the pub and found a lovely little brook.  At home I played with the images and learnt how to do something new on my photo editor.  I love it when I find new ways to be creative, some people will laugh having worked out how to use theirs as soon as they load the software but it takes me a while lol So I thought I would just share a few with you.  These are the sorts of places I find really inspiring they allow me to relax and focus my thoughts.


One of Those Days

Today is one of THOSE days, its official!!!!!! You know the ones I mean.  I intended doing so much today but now half the day is gone and i am no further forward.  The child is doing his tasmanian devil impression leaving a trail of destrurction in his wake. We follow each other in a perpetual circle of frustration, me trying to clean up as he attempts to empty the toy box. I swear as I stand on a train, he laughs.  As i kneel on the floor moping up milkshake he has decided was surplus to requirement he seizes the moment to play horses and clambers on my back.  Arms wrapped round my neck as I struggle to disengage myself from his grasp. I go to the kitchen to wash pots, he goes quiet.  Upon my return the dog now bares a green streak across the top of his head, the source unknown hidden from my searching eyes.  I long for the days when he was little and an afternoon nap gave the chance to catch my breath and possible catch up on the chaos,  Now the only one who needs the nap is me.  Soon we are going out for sunday dinner, daddy’s idea.  I should be looking forward to not cooking instead all i think of is how to keep him in his seat, to try to stop the carnage he will be able to create in public. Maybe the ball pool will wear him out but as it is one of those days I doubt it. More likely I will have to wade amongst the plastic, brightly coloured spheres and drag him back to the table kicking and screaming.  The main problem is when it is one of those days by the time they finally are worn out and fall asleep, laying in bed reverted to cherub like states is that I am too tired to do anything else myself except curl up and slumber awaiting the start of another day.